Monday, April 18, 2011

WCP Cup Weekend Recap

I'll keep this short because I want to get to some playoff previews. Most games ended up being irrelevant, so let's go over the ones that actually meant something.


The most meaningful day for some of the best teams...

Canada vs. Ukraine: 2-1 Canada. Another extremely close Canada victory. Ukraine played very good, and were in control for most of the game, but Canada got 2 quick goals near the end and came away with the win. That makes 2 close games in which Ukraine was in control and gave away in the end. Unfortunate way to go out.

Jamaica vs. Poland: 5-1 Poland, In a must-win game for Jamaica, they came out very flat. In a meaningless game for Poland, they came out flying. Poland sweeps Group D, and they have to be extremely proud of themselves no matter how this tournament ends. Back to the drawing board for Jamaica, as this is the 3rd or 4th year in a row where they've been expected to contend and have fallen hard. Poland goes through in 1st place.

Afghanistan vs. Nigeria: 6-3 Afghanistan. Nigeria, after being hyped all pre-tournament, fell flat again. They were strong in exhibition games, but that didn't translate at all to the tournament. Beatings by Greece, France and Afghanistan made the tournament a disaster for them. That just goes to show there's no point in even coming to this blog until the tournament starts.

Laos vs. El Salvador: 1-1 tie. In the game to decide Group A, both teams came out ready to fight hard for first. Laos struck first fairly early, and El Salvador responded immediately. Everyone thought we'd be in for a high-scoring game from then on, but it never happened. Neither team applied intense pressure, because El Salvador was simply trying not to lose, and Laos still would win the group with a tie. Still, a good game though. Both teams looked strong.


Essentially the big wrap-up day for the Group stages. This day decided the final playoff positions, even with a couple games on Monday.

Women's Poland vs. Women's Canada:
2-1 Canada. Intense game. That is all.

England note: They salvaged some pride this weekend, I think. They tied Portugal 4-4 and lost to Serbia 4-3. Close games, and likely gives them reason to come back next year.

Women's El Salvador vs. Women's Chile: 2-0 Chile. Another win-or-you're-out game, Chile edged El Salvador for the final playoff spot in their group as well. They'll take on Ukraine.

Ireland vs. Norway: 8-2 Ireland. The battle for top spot in Group B was a battle in the same way that a broom can be considered a fruit.

Canada vs. Germany: 1-1 tie. A must-win game for Germany, but they just couldn't pull it out in the end. Both teams missed capitalizing on some very good chances. Injuries and suspensions took their toll on Germany, but overall they had a good showing. Rough start, but very strong recovery. Unfortunately for them and Ukraine, it was inevitable for the Group D teams.

Ukraine vs. Jamaica: 5-2 Ukraine.

France vs. Afghanistan: 8-2 France. The final win-or-you're-out game of the tournament, France took it to Afghanistan. After much hullabaloo over their possible demise, they finish as expected.


Anonymous said...

no ROI result?

Clock Cleaner said...

Uh, yeah. I suppose I should get that in there.

Done. That was easy.

Anonymous said...

wasn't important...ROI shit pumped Norway and exposed them for what they are...big fish a small pond in that eaten up by a much bigger shark though. I'm sure Braden is still trying to spin up some story in his mind about how they are still going to win this tournament. That kid cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

i think next yr the top teams if drawn in the same pool should play their first game at the beginning because if you leave it up late, there's no exciting or intensity because they are both through, look at this, Laos should have won that game against Es, but they didn't try at all knowing they will both be through leaving Sudan with no chance, Norway vs Ireland was a joke, had it been the first or 2nd game, Norway would have tried, and for the sake of the game, i would like to see teams give it all for the fans even if u are eliminated, saw Nigeria play their hearts out against France, but once they were eliminated, they dint try against afghan, i guess it was a good thing on one side so we could see a good ending to group c but the might french showed up at last, anyways congrats to whoever made the playoffs and hope every team do their best to improve next yr

Anonymous said...

What happened to Jamaica?

Ex-German Fan said...

Canada controlled most of that game. Canada had way more opportunities than Germany. It was sloppy at best for the Germans. They were supposed to be the attacking machine, well they didn't attack crap. The only person with threat was David Patterson and Andrew Zerr, and Zerr was gone. However, Ahmed in the middle for Canada wasn't there either Clock Cleaner but you didn't mention that. How many boyfriends do you have on Germany?

Clock Cleaner said...

I've got boyfriends on both teams, thanks.

And I thought the game was pretty even. Considering your name is "Ex-German Fan", your reaction to anything even remotely pro-German isn't surprising. The recap was mostly a sendoff for Germany, seeing as how they're done. Not an in-depth analysis. But if you're going to nitpick every little thing I write, well then I hate you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you can say that Canada had way more chances than Germany. Germany's keeper only had to make one or 2 key saves.... on the other hand Canada's goalie saved the game for them with the stop on David Patterson. Pretty watered down German side was definitely the difference. They were missing 6 starters.

Anonymous said...

Seeing as how Germany finished second last, I would have to say it doesn't matter who was missing, they sucked anyway.

Anonymous said...

They finished third but nice try