Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WCP Cup Weekend Recap: Sunday

Sunday Recap

Women's Poland vs. Women's Italy: 2-2 tie.

Youth Girls Brazil vs. Youth Girls Italy: 2-2 tie.

Women's Germany vs. Women's El Salvador: 5-2 Germany. Germany took it to El Salvador. It was a dose of reality for ES after thrashing Austria 10-0, and it's clear they still have work to do in order to be mentioned in the top teams.

Women's Ukraine vs. Women's Canada: 5-2 Ukraine. Ukraine continues to roll towards the playoffs, and look unbeatable right now. Their biggest test is yet to come though, when they face England on Saturday.

Youth Boys Germany vs. Youth Boys Italy: 5-4 Germany. If you haven't been able to catch a Youth Boys game, go check one out. The soccer is exciting, intense, and generally just fun to watch. Scout a couple kids for the future.

Austria vs. Sudan: 5-2 Sudan. Sudan got back on track against Austria, showing off the abilities that made so dangerous against Laos and El Salvador. Sudan was up 3-0, and it looked like they might put the game out of reach, but Austria scored 2 quick goals to make it 3-2. They put the pressure on Sudan, but a couple more breakdowns led to a Sudan victory.

Canada vs. Poland: 3-1 Poland. The main draw of the night. Canada and Poland were the top two teams in the toughest group, and a victory would go a long way towards securing first, not to mention a playoff spot. Canada looked to be in control early on, and they scored the first goal. Poland gradually figured out Canada's gameplan, answering back before half, and then it looked to be Poland's game from there on in. Canada was controlling the ball well at the back, but Poland was completely closing down any legitimate chances on goal. Poland eventually got their 2nd goal, and Canada still weren't able to put any pressure on Poland. The Poles added a third as the game closed out. Poland has emerged as the clear front-runner in the group, and have a firm grip on first. The fight for second will be a dogfight.

Norway vs. Sierra Leone: 5-1 Norway. Norway improved to 4-0, assuring themselves a playoff spot. They've improved as the games have gone on, and even though their pool is fairly easy, it's still a notable accomplishment. The battle for first with Ireland takes place on Sunday.

Ukraine vs. Germany: 3-2 Germany. The other big Group D on the schedule didn't disappoint. A back and forth affair saw Germany come through with the victory. It was a physical, hard-fought game, finally coming to a peak with two red cards at the end of the game. Germany has improved with every game, and they're really starting to show the skill that made them an early group favorite. Solid play all-around. Ukraine had a tough weekend with two losses. Still, they played quite well. In both games Ukraine has shown they have the skills to be a top contender, but it's just not coming together for them. They're not out yet, but the road through the group is tough.

France vs. Greece: 4-4 tie. The most shocking result of the night belonged to this game. France, touted as a top contender, was put to the test by an undefeated Greek team. It became clear France wouldn't have another easy game on their hands after Greece managed to block all of France's shots in the opening minutes, and it wasn't long until a long free kick found it's way into the net to make it 1-0. France answered back very soon after, and that seemed to be the story of the game. Greece would score, and France would score right back. Greece seemingly won it when they blasted one home in the last minute, only to have France score on a long header on the last play of the game. Both teams played tough and exciting soccer, and this group just got a lot more interesting. With Nigeria looking back on form and a good Afghanistan team looming, France and Greece will have their work cut out for them. Keep a close eye on this group.

Afghanistan vs. Botswana: 9-2 Afghanistan. Afghanistan dominated Botswana, and it's clear Botswana isn't the same upset-ready team they once were. Afghanistan looked good, and they'll give France, Greece and Nigeria some good games.


Anonymous said...

So it was said earlier that Group C was the easiest. Well letss break that down. EASY for France or easy for Nigeria or easy for Afghan or Easy for Greece. This group is wide open. Nothing is easy in this tourney. you still have to play. France could easily have had a loss, and they could easily still lose to Nigeria or Afghan and they could be out. Nothing is given to anybody. Afghan has worked for their wins, Greece has worked for their wins, and same with france. GREECE was supposed to be 26th out of 24 mens teams, and now you ppl think that it is an easy group. Get ready There will be a new name on the cup this year.

Anonymous said...

I think France is full of one man shows. They need to play as a team or they are going to get no where in this tournament. ROI is going to kill France this year. It's not going to be a 2-1 games like last year. I'm guessing atleast 6 or 7-1, maybe 7-2.

Anonymous said...

Another mindless contribution made by an ROI drunk.