Thursday, April 7, 2011

WCP Cup Wednesday Recap

Youth Girls El Salvador vs. Youth Girls Canada: 4-1 Canada.

Women's El Salvador vs. Women's Austria: 11-0 El Salvador. Honestly, no matter how much better the other team is, you should never lose by that much. Especially when El Salvador isn't even a top team themselves.

Norway vs. Serbia: Norway 3-2. Serbia went up early 2-0 off of Norway mistakes, but Norway eventually clawed their way back to win 3-2. Serbia played pretty good, but Norway has to start showing more than this. If they want to be considered a top team, they have to win these games comfortably. No more critical mistakes, and start controlling the pace of the game. Norway has a history of playing down to their competition, so they better be careful. Luckily for them, they'll likely be in the playoffs due to a fairly easy group.

Sudan vs. El Salvador: Sudan 6-3. You want to watch exciting soccer? Go watch a Sudan game. They are, by far, the most exciting team in the tournament. No team has more passion for the game. When you've got players that truly believe they can rifle a shot top corner from half, you've got a team to watch. When you've got players that will backheel it to their centerback, regardless of who's around, you've got a team to watch. After their Laos game, in which they barely shot, they came out firing the ball. Tied 1-1, El Salvador started to come together, making it 3-1. But Sudan is at their best when they're all-out attacking, and they roared back with 5 unanswered goals. Sudan has been nothing but excitement, and you add in some great ball skills, a couple players with reach like Dhalsim from Street Fighter, and they're now the team to beat in Group A.
This makes the game between El Salvador and Laos mean everything. If Laos wins, it will be Laos in first and Sudan in second. If El Salvador wins, it'll be a toss-up between the three teams, with Sudan leading the way on Goals For. This is all assuming those three teams win the rest of their games in the group. Either way, get set to see much more of Sudan.


Anonymous said...

Love the street fighter reference! Priceless.

Anonymous said...

wow those guys are first, they can jump out of the building too, wow what a game. the last goal was un believable from their 18yard to scoring 6 ppl against 1, left es players still in Sudanese goal area while scoring,that's amazing no other team an do that, definitely looking for Sudan vs France quarter finals that would be awesome, then meet ROI and that would be the game of the tournament

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see that route to the finals! France vs. Sudan, winner taking on ROI! Would be tough to have a final match up to that after those intense games!