Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WCP Cup Tuesday Recap

Youth Girls Germany vs. Youth Girls El Salvador: Tie 1-1.

Women's Ukraine vs. Women's Italy: Ukraine 8-1. There's a clear disparity between some women's teams, and Ukraine is at the head of the class.

Austria vs. Columbia: 2-1 Austria.

Greece vs. Botswana: 2-1 Greece. Greece is looking like the early favorite to take second place in the group. Can they challenge France for first? We'll see. The matchup between Greece and Afghanistan will likely decide second place.


Anonymous said...

I think Norway will win the tournament this year. ROI is not good enough to beat the powerhouse Norway team. They are way too skilled. I'll be surprised if ROI can get more than two goals. GO NORWAY. Looking good out there guys.

Anonymous said...

the way greece is playing, i will take france by 6 goals. greece has no spark for that terrible offense

Anonymous said...

Thunder only happens when its raining team Greece just keeps on playing. 3 is for the pimps players. Suck it haters.