Saturday, April 9, 2011

WCP Cup Friday Recap

Poland vs. Ukraine: 2-1 Poland. Ukraine was up 1-0 for the better part of the game, and it looked they were on the verge of a second before Poland got two quick goals with about 4 minutes left. A good game to watch, and Poland has managed to take an early lead for the group favorite. Canada is next up for Poland on Sunday, and Ukraine takes on Germany an hour after that. Group D features Germany and Jamaica today, where the loser is likely done in the group.

Ireland vs. England: 14-0. All-around embarrassment for everyone involved.

Colombia vs. Northern Ireland: 3-2 Colombia. Colombia gets their first win of the tournament. Next up, Colombia gets to take on Sudan today.


Anonymous said...

Hello blog writer what happen to your star team on Friday ..... Yea yea go Colombia..... Learn how to spell the country name!!!

Anonymous said...

England kinda deserved to get their butt kicked. They have a bunch of Div 4 cocky players who treat people pretty bad and with little respect I might add. The out of town Estevan guys are pretty good guys though. The Regina guys need to get some respect and play the game without complaining about stupid stuff. Not a fun team to be on.