Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday Recap

Youth Boys England vs. Youth Boys Italy: 4-3 Italy.

Afghanistan vs. Italy: Afghanistan 4-2. Keep an eye out for Aghanistan. They've got a couple goal-scorers, and could be dangerous in this group. They played together all indoor, going undefeated in Div.4. It's Div.4, but that still takes skill. They play well together.

Portugal vs. Ireland: Ireland 10-3.

Laos vs. Northern Ireland: Laos 7-2. Nice bounce-back game for Laos.


Anonymous said...

how can u find out the broadcast schedule for the games

Anonymous said...

I really hope Ireland doesn't win this tournament again this year. I'm getting sick of those guys. I would like to see two new teams. How many people out there agree?