Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday Recap

Saturday Recap Below

Youth Girls Brazil vs. Youth Girls Canada: Canada 5-2.

Youth Boys Canada vs. Youth Boys England. Canada 10-0.

Women’s Canada vs. Women’s England: England 8-2. England starts their tournament off with a bang. The top Women’s teams are becoming clearer by the day. England is clearly gunning for Ukraine.

Women’s Austria vs. Women’s Chile: Chile 7-0. Chile is back after a disappointing showing last year, and they’re in the mix with Ukraine, England and Germany as contenders.

Portugal vs. Serbia: 3-2 Portugal. Portugal held off Serbia for a 3-2 win. Not the most still-filled game of the tournament, but nonetheless entertaining.

Ukraine vs. Scotland : 5-0 Ukraine. I’ll say this. Scotland is trying hard. They’re a young team, they run hard, hustle, don’t give up, but they are in for a very rough tournament. This isn’t anything new. They’ve been placed in the toughest group, and it’s extremely likely that all their games end up this way. Ukraine will be tough to take down in this group.

Norway vs. England: Norway 4-1. Although you wouldn’t necessarily see it from the scoreline, Norway did not look like a team that’s expected to challenge Ireland in the group. Far too many mistakes, poor touches and a lack of discipline. Neither team was able to really gain control in the game, and it looked as though it could go either way for the most part. Norway eventuall potted a couple more goals to seal it. However, it has to be noted that Norway were missing a couple key players and that it was the first game of the tournament. I expect a better showing at their next game. England is a decent team though, they played well.

Poland vs. Germany: Poland 4-2. The third shocking result of the weekend. Poland went up early on Germany, and never looked back. It was 3-0 by the time Germany finally scored, and Poland scored one more to seal it before the Germans scored in the last 10 seconds of the game. Germany was expected to be an offensive force, but none of this was seen during their game against Poland. The reason became quite apparent as the game wore on, which was that Germany completely took their own midfield out of the game. The word “possession” is a word that the Germans have to learn if they want to win this group. The long ball is a great way to catch a team off-guard once in awhile, but it can’t be used every single time. Poland knew it was coming every time and simply clogged it up and retook possession. While the German defence ball-watched, Polish players ran into space and punished them. Germany is one of the most talented teams in the tournament, but they blew this one. It was disappointing to watch a team as good as Germany stumble like that. This was their first game together since last year, and you can bank on them being better than that in their next game. And Poland? Great game by every player. They knew Germany is very tough to handle, and they made a real statement with that victory. Hard work, solid defence, good goalkeeping, and goal-scoring from everywhere makes them a very real threat to make it out of the group. Look out for Poland.

Nigeria vs. Greece: Greece 4-2. This game was a shocker, but for all the wrong reasons. Sloppy play from both teams, and Greece just ended up overwhelming Nigeria. Nigeria was supposed to have top notch team play, and we saw that in the RSA tournament. Yesterday? Non-existent. Turnover after turnover killed them. Greece took full advantage of every turnover. Nigeria has to get their act together, and they’ve got an uphill battle to make it out of this group. I’m looking to Afghanistan as the next team in line to take second place in the group, and their game against Greece should be interesting. Congratulations to Greece, as they held together against Nigeria. Not an easy task.


abroz said...

So you now put Afghan over Greece for 2nd place? Greece was very nervous. Wait until they get comfortable. Im pretty sure Greece will be 2nd , if not first if they can upset France.

john said...

Where can u find out the broadcast schedule for these games .

Anonymous said...

Greece just caught Nigeria off guard one of those games u watch and say wow were did this come from. Nigeria need to block shots coz if they don't, they cant count on their goalie to save them, but will always support them coz i know they are a good team, what happened to German and Jamaica? these teams need to wake up the games began so wake up and play pls no more shockers i cant take it anymore

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with a lot of what you said.

Scotland is improved from last year (which is impressive considering they only have something like 5 guys that have ever even played in this tournament before...might as well be in with Sudan and Sierra Leone as the new teams)...if they were in any other group they might compete for a #3-4 finish (certainly not the worst team in the tournament), but they're in for a rough ride in this group...most teams would be in for a rough ride in this group. Hope they can tough it out and stay motivated and keep a core to build around for next year instead of starting over again.

Norway didn't look as great as they can be, but for the first game, I'm sure they are working out the kinks...they didn't have very good turnouts for their pre-tourney matches, so it might take them a game or 2 to get into their top form. Fortunately they don't play ROI until the end, so they can build up to that game.

Poland did everything they needed to do...shut down the German offense...clog up the middle and put pressure on the weaker German defense. Poland GK help keep the ball out of the goal whenever he was challenged.

Greece/Nigeria - Nigeria was just ugly in that game...really bad mistakes (especially with the goalkeeping...handball...that soft near post goal from the free kick on the sidelines, etc). Greece just went out with hard work and persistancy to win that game.

Anonymous said...

i got to agree with you anon, nigeria didnt look like that physical team, very fast pace as we know they can do which allowed Greece to dictate the game , no disrespect to Greece they played their hearts out, but at the end of the day Nigeria was the best team who beat them selves and their keeper cant keep letting in those soft goals, Poland is a very good team well organized and they are going to keep surprising ppl, solid goal keeping, Norway looked ok not very solid but am sure they will get better, and sudan could become my next favorite team if Nigeria don't improve their next game, great games so far, Jamaica needs to play some defense too if they are to advance, Poland , Canada game will be great, am betting on Poland to win this group

Anonymous said...

Poland Canada will be flipping unreal. Cannot wait for that one

Anonymous said...

I think Greece played really smart. They were trying to create lots of space in the middle of the court to let their No. 20 get the ball. He did very well in that game, scored two goals and assisted the 4th, and also helped alot getting the mid-court from the Nigerians.

On the other hand, Nigeria, as excepted, were only trying to get the ball to their point striker. However, there were always a Greek defender behind him, and their defensive mid-fielder, No. 20 most of the time, in front of him. They didn't let him get them ball.