Ireland vs. Laos

Will they meet again? Or is there a new challenger for the WCP Cup?

Who Are The Sleeper Teams This Year?

No Ukraine this year...could it be Germany's time? Sudan? France? What about Colombia? There are plenty of good teams this year that could step up.

Ukraine: On Top, But For How Long?

Ukraine has been a real force to be reckoned with these last two years, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Polish Fan Power!

Team Poland was pushed through to the Semi-Finals largely on the power of their excellent fan support. With a more experienced team, can this be their year?

Opening Ceremonies

Everything begins on March 30th with opening ceremonies. Is your team ready?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

On to the Final

Ireland vs. Saudi Arabia- 6-2 Ireland. ROI has really stepped up their game after that loss to Northern Ireland. Since that point, they've absolutely dominated every game, and definitely look like the old ROI. Saudi Arabia played good, missing some great opportunities when they were down by a goal. Had they converted those, the game could have ended differently. But if you don't get all your chances in on Ireland, they'll make you pay, and they did that tonight.

El Salvador vs. Portugal- 3-2 El Salvador. This game was a lot closer than most anticipated, and Portugal has definitely been a treat to watch in this tournament. After being tied 2-2 for quite a while, El Salvador scored the winner fairly early in the second half. This was a game filled with shots, and they came from everywhere.


So on we go to the final, featuring ROI and El Salvador. The last time these teams met was in the semi-final of the second WCP Cup, when ROI won in a shootout to go to the final. Ireland is playing fantastic right now, and should be favoured to win their 3rd WCP Cup. El Salvador is no slouch, and can definitely keep up with Ireland. The final is always a good game, and this year should be no exception. See you there.

Sidenote: How Crazy is this tournament?

Is it incredibly crazy? Or maybe insanely crazy?

In any case, the tournament is definitely operating on some level of crazy.

Could anyone have foreseen that of the 8 teams that made playoffs last year, the only team left in the semifinals is the one that lost critical players? Not me. Not anyone. Now we have an ROI vs. Saudi Arabia semifinal, and a Portugal vs. El Salvador semifinal. Don't even bother trying to predict what will happen, it's impossible. Anything can happen in this tournament, and people forget that every year. But this particular year will be impossible to forget.

Here's a little preview for tonight's games.

Saudi Arabia vs. ROI- Saudi Arabia is an all-around good team. All their players are decent, most of them have the ability to score from anywhere, and they have a very balanced attack. They don't rely on one individual to get the job done, they find a way around the opposing team. ROI is bigger, and likely has more individual talent. They do not have the same hustle of the Saudi Arabia team, so after ROI attacks, it will be critical for Saudi Arabia to have a very quick counterattack. Look for ROI to be scoring off of free kicks.

Portugal vs. El Salvador- Both teams are very offensive teams. They both rely on the ball skills of the forwards to hold up the ball and create chances. With El Salvador, the ball is distributed from the back to the forward almost every time. If Portugal players can stay on their man and not let them stand there looking for a chance, Portugal will have success. However, no one has done that so far. Portugal works the same way, relying on the forwards to hold up the ball and wait for the team to get to their spot.

Note: Feel free to be skeptical on that analysis. I'm no genius.


ROI vs. Poland- ROI 3-2. Not many people expected Poland to put up a fight, but those people haven't payed attention to what's happened in this tournament. ROI was up 3-0, and looked comfortable, but Poland never gave up and scored twice in the second half to make it 3-2. They had a chance to tie it in the end, but it went off a crossbar. Poland played a great game, and they've been a fantastic surprise this tournament.

Laos vs. El Salvador- El Salvador 1-1(PK win). Laos encountered their second tough game after a relatively easy group stage. From the opening kickoff, El Salvador definitely looked like the better team. Laos was constantly making poor decisions and giving up the ball in simple passes. El Salvador just had to wait for Laos to screw up, then take they'd take the ball down the field for a chance. Luckily for Laos, their defence was still playing fairly good and they managed to hold El Salvador off. It was only a matter of time though, as El Salvador got the first goal off a free kick. Laos, trailing for the first time in the tournament, started playing better and better, getting themselves to their usual level, though still making some bad decisions. Laos got one back off of a misplayed corner kick, but neither team could break through for the rest of the game. Overtime solved nothing, but you could see Laos was starting to wear down El Salvador with their superior speed and hustle. So, on to penalties we go. Laos was the first to miss, and El Salvador could have put it away, but hit it high. After trading saves and goals, El Salvador had another chance to win and put it away for good. A great game to watch.

Portugal vs. Northern Ireland- 6-3 Portugal. Portugal always looked like the better team in this one. They are a goal-scoring machine right now, and it will be tough to stop them unless your team can match their offensive firepower. Northern Ireland played good, but when you allow 6 goals, it's very tough to win. The semifinal is now between Portugal and El Salvador, and we can expect a very high scoring game. Should be a good one.

France vs. Saudi Arabia- Saudi Arabia 4-0. In another shocker, France got hammered by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a good team, and it's not surprising that they won, but more so that France lost so bad. With a crowd that got behind them more and more, Saudi Arabia kept giving them something to cheer for, with goal after goal. France had one of those nights where nothing goes right, hitting posts all over the place. But plain and simple, Saudi Arabia outplayed them.

Women's Final preview- Chile vs. Germany. No upsets in the women's side, where the two best teams in each pool will face off in the final on Saturday. Both teams are very good, so tune in Saturday at 2:30 to check it out.

Final Day Recap

ROI vs. Jamaica- 6-0 ROI. ROI finally showed up to the tournament, pounding Jamaica. Jamaica, for its part, played terrible in their do or die situation.

Laos vs. Chile- Laos 4-1. Another easy game for Laos.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 12 Recap

In the final day for most teams, the games were either heartbreakers or meaningless. There was no in-between for these games. You'll see what I mean in the recaps.

Men- Ukraine vs. Austria- 6-4 Ukraine. Ukraine went up very early with 2 goals, and never looked back. Both teams gave a fine effort, but it was obvious to anyone that Ukraine was still reeling from their defeat the night before. Austria, as they've done the entire tournament, kept up their intensity and played very well. The game was never that far out of reach for the Austrians, and they punished Ukraine's mistakes. The game was utterly meaningless though.

Men- Scotland vs Portugal- Portugal 3-2. In a decisive game for Scotland, Portugal kept on rolling with a 3-2 victory. Teams alternated goals, and momentum switched back and forth(as it has for almost every other Group C games), but ultimately Portugal's 3rd goal was the clincher. Portugal assured themselves of first in the group, leaving second place to be decided by the Poland/Norway game. Scotland needed a Norway win, a tie, or a win by Poland of less that 4 goals. The odds were clearly in Scotland's favor...right?

Women- France vs. Austria- France 5-2. France gains a little pride with the win, making sure they don't finish last in their group.

Men- Norway vs. Poland- Poland 6-1. There were 2 possible scenarios for the effect this game would have on the group. The first scenario was that Norway would win, or Poland would win, or maybe they'd tie...but in any case, the result would send Scotland and Portugal through, Poland and Norway would keep their statuses as teams that aren't very good, and life would go on. The other scenario was that Poland would destroy Norway, and go through ahead of Scotland, making Group C the absolute craziest group.

Guess which scenario happened?

Yeah, I can't believe I'm typing it either. Portugal and Poland are through in Group C. Poland played a spectacular game behind the support of their large contingent of fans, and Scotland was pushed out in heartbreaking fashion. Up only 2-1 at halftime, Scotland looked secure, but Poland played great in the second half, seemingly scoring at will. They've definitely come a long way from their embarrassing defeat by Germany. It seems almost fitting that they were the only team from which Portugal couldn't pull out a win.

Men- Serbia vs. El Salvador- 7-3 El Salvador. Another meaningless game. Serbia had tied them 3-3 at half, but it was never likely El Salvador would lose to Serbia.

Women- Ukraine vs. Chile- Chile 2-1. The battle for first place on the women's side was a good one, with Chile getting the victory and securing first. The women's playoffs are set, while the men's are to be decided on Monday.

Men- Greece vs. Canada- 4-1 Greece. Greece went out in a blaze against a rough Canada team. While Canada was playing to make it out of the group, Greece was playing for pride. Both teams beat up on each other, and once Canada's exit from the tournament was assured, the game turned into something less than soccer. It couldn't have ended soon enough.

Men- Nigeria vs. Botswana- 3-2 Nigeria. Like Greece, Nigeria regained some of their pride with a win in their final game. Though they played well, Laos and Saudi Arabia were just too good to be toppled. It's good that both Greece and Nigeria exited the tournament with a win and on a high note.

Women- England vs. El Salvador- England 5-1. England won easily, and look like they'll finish in second place in their group, barring Germany being upset on the final day.

Day 11 Recap

Overall, this was a great day for soccer. It was absolutely the best day yet.

Men- Norway vs. Italy- 6-0 Norway. Italy has been a disappointment in this tournament.

Men-Portugal vs. Germany- Portugal 5-3. In a game that decided the fate of these teams, Portugal simply outplayed Germany. Portugal has been phenomenal lately, and kept it up against Germany. Germany played well and the game was great to watch, but Portugal is on a roll. Germany was eliminated with the loss, and Portugal clinched a playoff spot. The rest of the group would be decided on Sunday.

Men-ROI vs. Northern Ireland- Northern Ireland 4-3. Bet no one expected that score. In a another candidate for game of the tournament, Northern Ireland shocked ROI 4-3. ROI scored early, and it looked like just another ROI win, but Northern Ireland kept up their intensity and did not back down. The scoring went back and forth until ROI woke in the final minutes again and started hammering Northern Ireland. ROI had shot after shot in a seemingly never-ending last couple of minutes, and it really didn't seem believable that Northern Ireland would win until the final whistle finally blew. This game was the perfect example of how far ROI has fallen. They lacked intensity for most of the game until it became clear that they were going to lose. ROI is now battling for their lives on Monday against Jamaica. Northern Ireland is through. Wow.

Men- France vs. Serbia- France 7-1. Serbia's Winnipeg players finally made it in, and the game looked to be a close one, but Serbia ended up losing by the worst score yet. It's a shame Serbia couldn't live up to the pre-tournament hype.

Men- Canada vs. Jamaica- Canada 3-2. As surprising as this score may seem, it isn't. Canada has owned Jamaica in the last couple years. They continuously prevent Jamaica from making the playoffs, and this year was no exception. Every year it seems Jamaica could be one of the top teams, and then Canada knocks them off completely. Frankly, it's hilarious. Jamaica now battles ROI for the top spot in the group. The winner is in first, the loser is out. In the event of a tie, Jamaica would go through in second.

Men- El Salvador vs. Ukraine- El Salvador 5-3. It was do or die for both teams, so this was a great game to watch. Though not necessarily as exciting as some other games, the level of soccer was definitely higher with these two. El Salvador scored midway through the first half, but neither team was really controlling the game. As with the Ukraine/France game, there weren't many chances for either team. Ukraine evened it up after half, but another limited chance for El Salvador got them a second goal late in the game. By this point, Ukraine were really pushing hard for a goal and definitely had their chances, but couldn't put one in the back of the net. The defensive shell by El Salvador proved to work, and they clinched the game with a 3rd goal off of a blocked penalty shot in the closing minutes. Another giant fell, with Ukraine being eliminated.

Women- Austria vs. Chile- Chile 2-0. Chile continues rolling through its group, and takes on Ukraine on Sunday for first place.

Men- Nigeria vs. Saudi Arabia- Saudi Arabia 6-4. Saudi Arabia rolled to a 6-4 victory, wrapping up 2nd place in the group. They'll be preparing to face a tough France team in the quarterfinal. Nigeria played well, but Saudi Arabia is another team that you always seem to know will win the game.

Men- Laos vs. Botswana- 5-0. The result was expected.

Women- El Salvador vs. Canada- 5-0. It's a shame the night ended off with 2 snoozers. If you missed out on the afternoon and early evening games, you really missed some great soccer.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 10 Recap

Men- Scotland vs. Germany- tie 2-2. In a wonderful back and forth game, Scotland and Germany made sure whoever is going through in this group will be a secret until the end of this weekend. Throughout the entire game, momentum swung back and forth. Scotland would score, and Germany would answer right back. A great game to watch, and it's a shame it happened to be the earlier game because a lot of people missed it. Germany is playing very well right now after a poor start. Scotland has played consistently good, and they are definitely a solid team, but can't seem to cement their place as the group's top team. Portugal hasn't played the two other top teams in the group yet, so we'll find out exactly how good they are this weekend. Norway is by no means out of it, and two wins this weekend will place them right up at the top, in contention. Poland can't be counted out either, because if other teams tie(which is a definite possibility), Poland can squeak through. They'll need help, but anything is possible in this group.

Women- France vs. Scotland- 2-1 France. This game was more for pride than anything. France won't be able to finish higher than 3rd, as Ukraine and Chile are assured to go through. Chile and Ukraine need only to battle it out for the right to first.

Men- Ukraine vs. Colombia- Ukraine 9-1. Ukraine pounded Colombia. There was never any question that Ukraine would win this one, scoring twice very early. They dominated We'll find out if Ukraine can make it through their group today when they take on El Salvador. The winner is through, the loser is out. Doesn't get much better than that.

Men- Serbia vs. Austria- 2-1 Serbia. Serbia's Winnipeg players finally made it in, but it looks to be too late to save their chances of going through. If they had been able to beat Colombia in their last game, this weekend would be a different story, where they would have a way better chance of making it through. It was definitely clear that Serbia was a different team last night, and they can still get some glory against France and El Salvador this weekend. A win or two against those teams would garner lots of respect for their team. Austria has played very well this tournament, providing lots of excitement for the fans with their close games and solid play. The standings don't reflect just how good they are.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 9 Recap

Men- Poland vs. Italy- 3-0 Poland. Continuing to make the mess that is Group C an even bigger mess, Poland dominated Italy. Poland, after two straight strong games, needs only a win against fast-falling Norway this weekend to have a shot at the playoffs. It won't be easy, as they'll need some ties and key losses, but with this group, anything is possible.

Youth-Canada vs. Germany- 0-0 tie. First scoreless game of the tournament, possibly in it's history.

Women- Ukraine vs. Scotland- 2-1 Ukraine. Women's Group B looks to be coming down to Ukraine vs. Chile.

Men- Saudi Arabia vs. Chile- 5-2 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia had a strong showing against Laos on Day 8, and followed it up with a resounding defeat of Chile. This Group has been the easiest to predict, with Laos on top and Saudi Arabia at second. Chile has taken a real fall this year after losing their players to El Salvador. Laos awaits the winner of Saturday's El Salvador/Ukraine game to see who they'll likely play in the Quarterfinal.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 8 Recap

Men- Portugal vs. Norway- 5-1 Portugal. Group C, with a history of being a crazy group, lives up to that history. Portugal destroyed Norway in every aspect of the game. Now we have Scotland, Germany, Portugal, Norway, and possibly even Poland in the mix to make it out. Italy can't seem to put anything together to get a win. Early on, it didn't look like Portugal would do any damage in the group, but now it's clear they are no joke. Norway, however continued its rapid decent down the group. They played so well against Germany, and it's a shame they can't continue that success. No team is this group is guaranteed to make it out. This coming weekend will be a must-watch weekend for every game in this group. It makes my head hurt just trying to figure out which teams will make it out.

Youth- Ukraine vs. Canada- 3-0 Ukraine.

Men- Northern Ireland vs. Greece- 5-1 Northern Ireland. NI is normally a defensive team, relying on 1 or 2 goals to win games. Greece is normally a defensive team as well, and prides itself on making it very hard for strikers to get a shot off on net. This game was anything but normal. Greece was noticeably less fired up for this game than their games against Ireland and Jamaica. Northern Ireland was surprisingly offensive, putting two quick goals in the net. Greece became very deflated, and seemed to come to terms with the fact they won't make it through to the playoffs. Northern Ireland definitely still has a chance, but must rely on Jamaica losing to both ROI and Canada. They'll have to beat Canada as well. Greece, while playing valiantly in their first two games, lacked the intensity in this one, but hopefully we'll see them exit the tournament with a strong showing in their last game.

Men- Laos vs. Saudi Arabia- 2-1 Laos. Laos was put the test by arguably the strongest team in their group(besides them). Laos played very well, and are a lock for first in their group. They didn't dominate the game, but they certainly looked like the better team. Leading 1-0 most of the game, they put in a second goal in the middle of the last half. Saudi Arabia was able to get one back soon after, and was really putting on the pressure at the end. Still, Laos deserved the win and got it.

Day 7 Recap

Definitely one of the top days of the tournament so far.

Men- Austria vs. Colombia- 2-0 Austria. Austria continued to show some guts, beating Colombia 2-0. Though Austria won't make it out, they've played some very strong games in the tournament. They played great against France, and won the second half of their El Salvador game. In any other group, you'd have to consider Austria at least a contender to make it out. They've played very good so far.

Youth- Scotland vs. Germany- 7-2 Scotland. Scotland is running away with the youth competition, blowing out all their opponents so far.

Men- Poland vs. Scotland- 1-1 tie. This game was supposed to be an easy victory for Scotland. But that's the beauty of this tournament, anything can happen to any team. Germany's blowout of Poland seems a lot more significant now, and could mean the German team has figured out how to play as a team. Poland was not lucky to get the tie in this one, as they played very hard and strong. They had a chance to win on a close free kick at the very end, but couldn't put it away. Scotland had their chances as well, with the ball just unable to make it past the goal line, despite sitting on it a couple times. A very good game.

Men- France vs. El Salvador- 3-2 France. Coming off their victory over Ukraine, France needed this one to secure first place in the group. In the opening minutes, you could tell this would be a much different game than the Ukraine/France game. There were probably more shots in the first 10 minutes than the entire Ukraine/France game. El Salvador went up early, but France answered right back. The chances for both teams went back and forth, with neither team dominating the game. Even though neither team dominated, it always seemed like France would win. Their chances were closer and more powerful, while El Salvador had to abandon its strikers and shoot from far outside. France is now through to the playoffs in the first place, playing second place in Group B(whoever that may be). In any case, France is clearly a top contender, and look to be making their way to the final. El Salvador will be taking on Ukraine for second place Group D on Saturday, with the winner(barring some crazy result) likely playing Laos in the first round of the playoffs. That quarterfinal game will be the same quality as the final.

Day 6 Recap

Youth- Canada vs. Brazil- 6-1 Canada.
Women- Canada vs. Ukraine- 6-1 Ukraine.

Men- Italy vs. Portugal- 4-0 Portugal. Portugal got its act together after a poor game against Poland. They have to be considered a contender to get out of their pool.

Men- Jamaica vs. Greece- 3-1 Jamaica. Jamaica continued its strong showing so far. They will surely be going through, unless something crazy happens. Right now, it looks like the real question for Jamaica is whether or not they can steal first place in the group from the Irish. They also have a game against Canada, a team that always plays well against Jamaica. Greece put on a good show, but Jamaica was just too good.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 5 Recap

For the most part, these will be quick recaps.

Men- Poland vs. Germany- 5-1 Germany. Germany walked all over a seemingly weak Polish team. Germany is starting to get rolling after a tough opening loss to Norway, and the decisive game for them comes on Friday against Scotland.

Men- vs. Serbia- 5-1 Colombia. Colombia was on the other of a blowout this time. They'll need to take advantage of these opportunities when they come, because the rest of their group won't be so forgiving.

Women- Germany vs. England- 4-1 Germany. England lost to a German team that is destroying the rest of its group.

Men- Scotland vs. Norway- 2-1 Scotland. Scotland eked out a win vs. Norway, and Norway is now fighting for its lives after a strong opening game.

Women- Scotland vs. Austria- 1-0 Scotland

Youth- Canada vs. Scotland- 4-1 Scotland

Men- Ukraine vs. France- 1-0 France. This was supposed to be one of the best games of the tournament. While it was a relatively unexciting game to watch, it was a display of two of the best teams in the tournament. Very few mistakes and very few opportunities are an indication that these are two very similar teams. The best soccer won't always be the most exciting to watch. That being said, neither team played particularly well, but there's no doubt these are two of the top teams.

Men- Ireland vs. Greece- 4-2 Ireland. Greece was winning and playing good well into the second half, when Ireland finally got their act together. Ireland is definitely not playing their best soccer, and it won't be easy for them to get first in the group.

Men- Nigeria vs. Chile- 5-1 Chile
Men- Botswana vs. Saudi Arabia- 4-0 Saudi Arabia

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 4 Recap

Since there were so many games on Day 4, there won't be much of a recap.

Men- Ukraine vs. Serbia- 3-0 Ukraine. Ukraine dominated the game, but couldn't put many goals away.

Women- Germany vs. Canada- 8-0 Germany.

Men- Chile vs. Botswana- 2-2 tie. This could be considered a minor upset, as many people are tagging Chile to get out of the group. But if they can't beat Botswana, they stand little chance of beating Saudi Arabia or Nigeria to get second.

Women- Ukraine vs. France- 3-0 Ukraine.

Men- Poland vs. Portugal- 3-3 tie. Germany, Scotland and Norway are expected mainly to be the ones fighting to get out of this pool, but they should be looking over their shoulder at these two teams. Poland and Portugal might not make it out, but they certainly have the talent to make life very difficult for the rest of the group.

Men- Germany vs. Italy- 8-2 Germany.

Youth- World vs. Germany- 4-1 World.

Men- Canada vs. Northern Ireland- 2-2 tie. This group will be an interesting battle for second. Northern Ireland's chances took a real blow with the tie, and will need a lot of help to make it through now.

Women- Chile vs. Scotland- Chile 5-3. Chile had been winning 3-1 in the closing half, only to concede 2 goals in a very short time period. They picked it up though, putting the pressure on Scotland and scoring 2 goals to win it.

Men- France vs. Austria- 3-2 France. Best game of the tournament so far. France came in expecting to win by a large margin, but they got far more than they bargained more. France dominated the first half, getting shot after shot, but not being able to capitalize on anything. Finally, with about 30 seconds left in the first half, they scored to go up 1-0. It seemed like maybe France would really start to hammer Austria now. But the game shifted somewhat, and Austria started getting some chances of their own. The game actually evened out, and Austria was able to catch France's keeper off-guard with a dribbler into the bottom corner. Tied 1-1, the action really started to heat up. Back and forth, back and forth, then finally...Austria scores again! Austria wasn't getting many chances, but they had capitalized on the ones they were getting. France was really on its heels now, and Austria was getting more chances, almost going up 3-1. France finally realized what was about to happen and started to put the pressure on. A fortunate free kick caught Austria off-guard and France tied it at 2-2. At this point, Austria went into a defensive shell for the closing minutes, hoping to hold off an angry France team. It seemed to be working, until a miraculous rocket shot from under half grazed the underside of the crossbar, sealing the win for France.

Men- El Salvador vs. Colombia- El Salvador 4-0. Colombia played better than they did against France, but El Salvador was too much.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 3 Recap

Men- Jamaica vs. Northern Ireland- 3-1 Jamaica. Not the greatest show, but a decent game. Jamaica always looked like they'd win it. Northern Ireland didn't have much of an offense and seemed to be content with defending their own net, which inevitably got scored on.

Youth- Scotland vs. Ukraine- 10-2 Scotland. Scotland obviously dominated.

Men- Norway vs. Germany- 3-0 Norway. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the score 2-0? I could have sworn Norway only got 2. In any case, the renewed German team just couldn't handle a tough Norway squad. Right in the opening minutes, it was apparent the game would take its toll on both teams. There were many hard hits and fouls. It was a rough game, to say the least. Norway was the only team with an offense for the first half, when they got their goals. The second half, the German team finally came together and started really pressing hard. Alas, they couldn't buy a goal. Definitely a good game to watch though.

Men- El Salvador vs. Austria- 5-3 El Salvador. El Salvador came out looking very strong and really had their fans into the game. Sure enough, a couple minutes in they scored, proceeding to score a couple to go into the half with a comfortable lead. Austria got their act together in the second half, getting out of their funk by winning the second half. El Salvador, while a great offensive team, looked to be quite lacking at various points in the game. Both teams will need to step up their play in this group.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 2 Recap

France vs. Colombia- 8-1 France. France made their debut in stunning fashion, hammering Colombia 8-1. While the score seems extremely lopsided, the game wasn't completely out of hand until well into the second half. Going up 2-0 in the first 10 minutes with some very goals, France looked good early. Colombia was playing fairly good too, getting a couple chances, getting a goal back to make it 2-1. It looked like it would be a close game until France scored their 3rd goal, which essentially opened up the floodgates. You could tell from that point that Colombia had lost their confidence.

Chile vs. France- 1-0 Chile. The France team on the women's side made their debut as well, but it didn't turn out the way they hoped. Chile welcomed them to the tournament by beating them 1-0. Chile dominated and definitely deserved the win.

Scotland vs. Italy- 4-1 Scotland. Scotland also looked good in their opener, and they'll definitely be looking to make it into the medal round again. Much like the France game, the weaker team showed some confidence and skill in the first half, but fell apart in the second. There was no question Scotland was the better team though.

Laos vs. Nigeria- 4-0 Laos. Laos proved they are still one of the top teams with a win over feisty Nigeria. Nigeria was out to prove something after their dismal showing last year, and they definitely looked better. Nigeria played well throughout the entire game and looked to have regained the confidence they lost. They definitely had their chances to score. However, the good effort was no match for a very strong Laos team, which put in a good effort as well. They were flying around the field, and they will be very tough to knock off.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Opening Day

Opening Ceremonies were about the same as they've been in the last couple years, and it's clear to see how much bigger the tournament has gotten. The place was packed. There were the usual keynote speakers, some cultural dances and then introduction of the teams. Games got underway at 7:30.

(Men)ROI vs. Canada- 1-0 ROI. Ireland certainly showed some rust in their opening game, narrowly beating Canada 1-0. Both teams had their chances, but it really didn't look like anyone would score. The game was, for the most part, pretty boring. No one could get a good shot on net, passes couldn't be completed, and the ball pretty much remained around half. Canada played well, but they are definitely lacking offense. Ireland will get their act together soon enough. If they don't, bye-bye Ireland.

(Youth)Canada vs. World- 2-1 Canada. The youth tournament started strong with an exciting game. The game was well played by both teams.

(Women)England vs. Canada- 4-0 England. England showed why they are the defending champions, dominating Canada in the Women's opener. Canada simply had no offense. England looked strong in all areas, and definitely look like they have a good chance to repeat.

Day 2 previews can be found below. The recap will follow the games tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happenings at the Blog

Here we go, the tournament starts THIS WEDNESDAY!

-The WCP Cup Blog will be trying to provide daily game results, with somewhat of an analysis depending on which games are viewed. If anyone would like to help provide some analysis, send an e-mail to For the most part, the focus will be on the Men's side, but anything else is appreciated. However, you will be able to find all the daily game results here.

-To figure out which game YOU want to watch, check out the previews for the days of the tournament. You can find them below. The previews for Day 8+ will be provided closer to those days.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Week! (After Today)

The countdown is on!

Exhibition games are still happening, new players are emerging, some players are going down with injury, but it all adds to the excitement of the WCP Cup. April 15th! Get ready!