Monday, April 11, 2011

WCP Cup Weekend Recap: Saturday

The weekend was filled with excitement, so let's get to the recaps. Sunday's recaps will follow later.

Youth Boys Canada vs. Youth Boys Germany: 3-3 tie.

Women's Canada vs. Women's Italy: 2-1 Italy.

Youth Boys Scotland vs. Youth Boys Ukraine: 6-3 Ukraine.

Norway vs. Portugal: Norway 4-1. Norway is playing better. They're controlling the game a lot better, and good thing too, because their final game is against Ireland next Sunday.

Youth Girls Canada vs. Youth Girls England: 5-3 England.

Women's Poland vs. Women's England: 8-2 England.

Colombia vs. Sudan: 2-1 Colombia. UPSET SPECIAL! Colombia pulled off the upset against the most talked-about team in a crazy game. Sudan had chance after chance, but the resilient Colombia team stepped up to keep the ball out of the net. By the end of the game it was chance after chance for Sudan, and Colombia always managing to get in the way and block or clear it. Another great game to watch.

Jamaica vs. Germany: 5-3 Jamaica. Germany came out firing Saturday, but Jamaica was able to capitalize on almost every single German mistake. A back and forth game, Jamaica always seemed to get a goal only to have Germany come right back with their own. Only at the very end, when the entire German team rushed forwardSome beautiful goals, great passing, and exciting soccer. Both teams opened the tournament with bad games, and this was a statement game for both. The level of play was much higher this time, and all the teams are still in it. I'll elaborate on that in the Sunday recap. Great game by two good teams.

England vs. Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone 3-1. England was looking for redemption, but they wouldn't find it against a good Sierra Leone team. Still, a much better game.

Laos vs. Austria: Laos 5-1. Laos is looking ready for a strong playoff run. After their Sudan surprise, they've looked fairly solid. Next real test is against El Salvador next Saturday.

Botswana vs. Nigeria: Nigeria 3-1. Nigeria was able to bounce back after their Greek defeat to beat Botswana. They've got a good chance to make it out if they can produce a result against Afghanistan and France.


Anonymous said...

colombia play way better than dirty high kicks Sudan!! they are good please no control and poor kicks fast maybe but one of the best never! look at Canada and Polan playing and passing like a team!!! best game I have watched that is what soccer is about...beautiful goals! big hype just cause they beat ES!!

Anonymous said...

Sudan not that great. One good game doesn't mean they are good. Definately a pretender not a contender.