Wednesday, April 20, 2011


France vs. El Salvador

Summary: France is a very strong team. They have proven players, they can completely shut down offensive teams, and they can score from anywhere on the field. Comparably, El Salvador is right up there. They have arguably more pure playmakers than France, and more shooters. France rely on a couple players to get it done, but El Salvador has a range of players that can score easily. France's players play much better working together as a unit, being able to move up and down the field as a team. Both teams are good, and this is a pretty even matchup. France's key to winning will be making sure El Salvador doesn't get time with the ball in space. El Salvador will have to play better as team and avoid costly breakdowns to win this one.

Prediction: 2 very exciting teams, and a great matchup. If France can play the way they did against every team but Greece, they'll win. Give El Salvador the time that France gave Greece, and they'll punish France. France should have the players to shut down El Salvador's playmakers, and then quickly counterattack while everyone's still up the field. France 3-2.

Norway vs. Poland

Summary: Norway was put into a fairly easy pool. Ireland was the top team by a large margin, and they proved that with an 8-2 victory over Norway. Norway hasn't shown anything to prove they'll be able to get by another very good team. Still, they will be better against Poland with addition of a couple players. Poland, on the other hand, played very tough games in a tough pool. By now, they're accustomed to playing close games against tough teams.

Prediction: The large majority of us haven't been treated to Norway's full-strength roster, nor have we seen them play with their lives on the line. Well, tonight we get both hopefully. Will they be able to match Poland? Doubtful. Poland knows exactly what to do and how to do it. They swept Group D for a reason, and I can't pick against such a hot team right now. They'll have the support of the crowd as well, and I'll say Poland 4-1.


Anonymous said...

Riley do you really think you guys are that good? Your France team is full of a bunch of one man shows. Are you honestly thinking you will win this tournament?

Anonymous said...

Riley what happened to you guys tonight? You put the entire team in the wall and you still get beat? That's a joke man. Really it is. I knew you guys were too much of a one man show. Better luck next year? Are you planning on trashing France next year just like you did your old Ukraine team?

Clock Cleaner said...

You're the same asshole who keeps trashing France on all these blogs.

As far as I know, you're just some idiot kid with nothing better to do, but we'd quite enjoy talking to you. We really need help with our gameplan, and I just know you can help us win it all next year. What's your name?

Anonymous said...

Riley, there is no point in asking his name as he is far to much of a pussy to give it up. And if he does it would probably not be his actual name.

88 Ajax!!

Anonymous said...

Why was France's goal called back???

connorg00 said...


Anonymous said...

Greece 6th place, Norway 7th place

Anonymous said...

Riley real mature man. You are calling people assholes an idiots on this blog now. How is that getting people to like you or people to visit this blog. Who cares if people are commenting about your team. They have all the right too. Maybe you are the one that needs to grow up man. I personally agree that France needs to play as a team. You guys have a lot of players who start to complain and cause a lot of drama. Too much diving as well. It doesn't take a brain scientist to notice how your team is. Just face the facts.

Do me a favor and stop name calling. Not very professional at all. You call yourself a blog owner? It's no wonder people were on your case earlier and giving you a hard time and calling you out.

I'm pretty pissed with your profesisonalism man. You've definately lost another blogger.

Clock Cleaner said...

The only person I'm calling an asshole is you, because you are one.

And this is my new favorite quote "It doesn't take a brain scientist to notice how your team is."

I hope you never come back to this site again. Why would I care if some idiot kid who can't spell comes here?

Anonymous said...

Hey Riley, I hope you shut your mouth quick and stop harassing poor kids before I post up your address and personal info you clown ass punk who can't play soccer. P.S. Your the asshole. Watch it buddy. I'm back and this time your not getting away with shit all. Nice house by the way.

Clock Cleaner said...

I'd love to see you try anything. Go ahead. If you had any balls, you'd post your name so I could find you.

Julio said...

Anonymous... there's a difference between talking some trash and being a complete idiot.

It's fine to talk about the tournament and the games, and even the skill level of some players... yet what you are doing on every single blog is unacceptable.
You think that your safe behind that anonymous post... well your wrong... the comments that you are making are treading a fine line where legal ramifications are possible... and sadly if that were to happen; your anonymous posts can be tracked down and your IP address would unveil who you are... so for you well being, and for the atmosphere and greater good of the tournament you should consider what you are doing and stop... it's fine to dislike the guy... but now your threatening to put his well being in jeopardy and that is not what this tournament is about.... those types of threats are not acceptable in society, why would you think they'd be acceptable on a blog?

Your the same guy that went on the Norway blog and threatened me with physical violence... Do you understand that because you've made it public awareness that you plan on doing anything to anyone, your action have become pre-meditated and the consequences for those actions would be severe.

Stop what your doing... people like you are the reason that blogging was put in jeopardy by the WCP lawyers. I have ALOT of haters, but at the end of the day I am pretty sure that even they would agree that what your doing is unnecessary and that it needs to stop. Not only does it need to stop for the well being of the blogs and the tournament, but for your own well being... as you may threaten people with physical violence... yet the consequences for the actions you keep promising are alot more severe than a fist fight... the ramifications could affect the rest of your life and no one wants that. So smarten up.