Friday, April 15, 2011

WCP Cup Thursday Recap

YG Brazil vs. El Salvador: Brazil 6-0

Women's Germany vs. Women's Austria: 9-1 Austria.

El Salvador vs. Colombia: 4-0 El Salvador. Colombia has taken some great strides in the tournament, and this game was another good one for them. They missed a lot of opportunities, and they definitely had a chance to upset El Salvador. The scoreline doesn't show it, but a great game by Colombia. The tournament has to considered a success for Colombia, and look for them to improve on it next year. El Salvador vs. Laos will decide the group tomorrow.

Greece vs. Afghanistan: Greece 4-1. Greece finished their group games, and in the process, they moved into sole possession of first place in Group C. What does this mean for the rest of Group C? Greece has 4 wins and a tie, and they'll be going through. The rest is wide open. The France vs. Nigeria game is a must-win for both teams. The loser will likely be out, assuming both France and Nigeria beat Afghanistan...and that's not a guarantee either. This weekend will be very interesting for Group C. Massive game tonight for France and Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

GREECE is amazing. Greece is untouchable. Them and ROI are the only teams that belong in this tournament with talent. The rest of the teams are weak and bring down the quality of soccer in this tournament. All of you should fold your teams.

Anonymous said...

France needs to play as a team. They bairly beat a stuggling Nigeria tonight. Like come on.

First off, Travis Brady needs to stop falling down and taking stupid dives. Makes for a stupid game, and people in the stands notice it very easily and that's why you got taunted out there by the crowd clown. He's not good nor a playmaker.

Second off Riley Meloche aka Clock Cleaner aka owner of this blog needs to stop tripping over the ball and get some skill buddy. Ball control is the first thing you learn when you start playing soccer. What a huge joke. Makes me sick.

Thirdly your keeper Tristan Manz needs to stop complaining to the Ref's eveytime there is a call. It's truely pathetic. Stay in your net buddy and chill out. Try to play the game, maybe watch the ball a few times cause you looked pretty shaky out there tonight.

Overall, France just doesn't cut it this year nor will they if their one man shows don't play like a team. Try to play the game, stop complaining, and learn to stop diving. This aint English Premiere League. It's Regina soccer. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Julio = douchebag.

Anonymous said...

The only teams with talent? Please. Greece was the laughing stock of the tournament until this year don't let a few wins go to your head.

Anonymous said...

fuck buddy, im the man... and if you down with that, i got two words for ya.. suck it biiish.

Julio said...

I agree with Anon 5:24... obviously Greece has lost all sense of reality... but can you blame them.. a team that lost for two years straight... one win earned them a national holiday! baha

Julio=Douschebag... oh ya I agree 110%, I am a straight cunt and have such douschebag like comments that I'd hate me too... yet that's the humor of it all... I say half the things I say to piss you princesses off who then can't even post with their name when they chirp me! haah

Anonymous said... that a word?

Anonymous said...

"suck it biiish" is 3 words