Thursday, April 14, 2011

WCP Cup Monday to Wednesday Recap


YG Canada vs. Germany: 3-3 tie.

YB Italy vs. Ukraine: 6-5 Italy.

Greece vs. Italy: 3-0 Greece. Greece continues rolling. Undefeated in the group.

Jamaica vs. Scotland: 5-0 Jamaica. Scotland played very hard once again, but again, they just aren't on par with the rest of their group.


YB England vs. Germany: 9-4 Germany.

YG Brazil vs. England: 5-0 Brazil.

Ireland vs. Serbia: 10-2 Ireland. What did you expect?

Italy vs. Nigeria: 5-2 Nigeria. Nigeria is back on form, and Italy faces Botswana for personal pride in their last game. Nigeria takes on France on Friday night in a huge game for both teams.


YB Canada vs. Scotland: 4-2 Scotland.

YB England vs. Ukraine: 10-1 Ukraine.

Austria vs. El Salvador: 4-1 El Salvador.

Laos vs. Colombia
: 6-2 Laos. The stage is set for the Laos vs. El Salvador showdown on Saturday. It will determine the top 3 positions in the group. Will we get to see Sudan in the playoffs? Can El Salvador wrestle first place away from Laos? Saturday night, be there.


Anonymous said...

close game for ROI!

Anonymous said...

Greece is amazing. We rock. We are one of the top contenders in this tournament. No one but ROI can compete with us. We are all just that good. NOT A SINGLE LOSS. AMAZING ....

Anonymous said...

Greece makes this tournament look mighty good ... yeahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh boooyeahhhhhh.