Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday Results

Canada 5 - 2 Scotland - Youth Boys

Germany 2 - 1 Ukraine -U18 Boys

Jamaica 4 - 4 N. Ireland - Men's
By far the most entertaining game of the night. Northern Ireland went up 2-0 early on, despite Jamaica controlling the game. Jamaica would miss the net, hit the crossbar, lose the ball at the top of the box, etc. It just wasn’t going their way. The first half ended 2-0. The Jamaicans brought it in the second half, scoring 2 goals after again controlling the play. The 3rd goal from Jamaica would have seemed to be the one that would finally doom Northern Ireland. Instead, Northern Ireland went right back on the offensive, scoring the tying goal. Jamaica had to press hard for the final five minutes, and finally got the 4th goal. That had to be it, right? Nope. Northern Ireland, with seconds remaining, launched the ball into the box, and slotted it past the keeper to tie it at 4. Excellent game.

 Laos 3 - 1 Colombia - Men's
Colombia, fresh off a disappointing loss to Jamaica, really had to bring it against Laos if they wanted to go through. Laos was leading 1-0 at half on a hard-working goal, but to be completely honest, Colombia had more chances. If not for a disallowed goal, Colombia would have been right there in contention with Laos. The second and third goals from Laos sealed Colombia’s fate, and a consolation goal at the end made it 3-1.


Anonymous said...

columbia wasn't even close to having as many scoring chances as laos. and by chances do you mean columbia shooting from half and missing the net by a mile or having hardly enough power to get the ball to the net. i believe boun hit the post twice, calvin should scored with that header and that one nice play where they worked it all the way from the back and calvin had a ripper but the keeper made a huge save. Columbia did play a lot better then they did against jamaica, i give them props.. but they really gotta stop shooting from half, there goal was a weak goal that evan had but somehow trickled underneath him. As for laos they needed to move the ball around a lot more, instead of playing it in the air. when they moved it around they looked 100x better. This is def the group of death and starting to look very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hummm... not sure about those write ups there Riley. Laos and Jamaica had chances an didn't finish. Jamaica and Laos are far superior. No chance for the other teams if these games had second legs, that's for sure. I wouldn't give N.Ireland or Columbia any credit. Both shitty teams, just got lucky.

Anonymous said...

huh? Colombia has plenty of good chances in the first half.
You're right tho, this is def the group of death. I predict Colombia upsets one of the teams in this group.

Anonymous said...

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