Thursday, April 19, 2012

Semifinal Preview

Well, I was close on my predictions. I’m fairly certain Poland would have won had it gone to shoot-outs, and the game itself wasn’t as high-scoring as I thought. France should have had the advantage on PK’s as well, but nothing is certain, APPARENTLY. Anyway, since I predicted the group stage correctly, and was extremely close on the Quarterfinals, let’s do the Semifinals.

Ireland vs. Laos – 7:30
The last thing anyone wants is to see is Ireland in another final. To see Ireland win another WCP Cup is like watching Kim Jong Il initiate himself in as dictator again and again. It’s the matchup we’ve seen in this tournament time and time again, but let’s look at the teams. Ireland is bigger, faster, and more skilled. If you argue this, you’re wrong. Does that mean Ireland will win? No. Laos counters with a strong work ethic, which counts for everything in this tournament. The field size and player count mean that goals come at a premium, and there will be no easy goals in this game. Laos should have the determination to knock Ireland off, and they’ll have motivation from the crowd support as well. This is sure to be an entertaining game. If I was betting, I’d say Ireland, but given that I’m close to Nostradamus, I’ll predict a 2-2 tie (Laos in overtime).

Canada vs. Sudan – 9:30
This game baffles me, because I don’t know what to make of Sudan. Poland should have been able to put them away if not for some great saves and a little luck. Their defence is still lacking, but in the end they did manage to only allow Poland to score one goal. Canada doesn’t give up many goals, and they rely on turnovers for the most part, simply waiting teams out to make a mistake. Sudan is the kind of team that will give up those turnovers. But I think Sudan will give them a real challenge, because they move the ball so quickly. Canada has beaten both Laos and France, but those teams are methodical with the ball and like to work it up the field more so than try long-range shots and chip balls in. Canada is certainly tough, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to handle Sudan’s play. Prediction 3-2 Sudan.


Anonymous said...

No womens games tonight?

Clock Cleaner said...

No time to preview them. Check out Braden if you want to know. Ukraine v England should be a legitimate battle, and Germany will crush Poland easily.

PL said...

How about the Ireland team drinking on the balcony before stepping on the field before the bronze medal game...How disrespectful to the tournament!!...guess who the leader was...