Saturday, April 14, 2012

Food Bracket Update and Farewells

Because I'm slow, we're going to hammer through the final stages of the Food Bracket in order to get the winner settled by next Sunday.

Food Bracket update - Sticky Rice was upset by Langos, though it was a close matchup to begin with. Tough to argue with deep-fried food. All other matchups went as expected. Next up, we've got Perogies vs. Naan (I expect Perogies to crush). The other matchups are closer than you think, with Curry Chicken taking on Crepes. Crepes are so simple, so versatile, and delicious...but Curry Chicken is Curry Chicken. Tough call. Fettucine Alfredo gets Cinderella Story Khlav Kalash (just don't eat it with Mountain Dew). I'm really pulling for Khlav Kalash here, but it's in tough against the famed Italian dish. Irish Stew gets Spring Rolls in the final matchup, and I have no idea who will win that one. Real tough call.


Jamaica - All the games went according to plan last night, but I really thought Jamaica would give Laos a better game than that. I suppose it shouldn't be terribly surprising considering Jamaica tied Northern Ireland, but still. Props to Jamaica for what should be considered a decently successful tournament. They exceeded pre-tournament expectations, and provided some good entertainment.

Greece - Though they still have one game left against South Korea, I don't really consider that a game. Greece will easily dominate them and win easily. Greece's game against France last night was their last chance to regain the glory from last year, and show that they it was simply bad luck this year. Unfortunately, France took care of business. Though it was close for awhile, Greece never truly looked like the better team. Here's to hoping they come back next year looking like the squad from 2011.

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might want to add nigeria & afghanistan