Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quarterfinal Preview

6:30 - Ireland vs. Germany
Ireland has been in the final for the last 5 years. They really haven’t changed, and don’t kid yourself, they’re eyeing another trip to the Final. First, they’ll have to get by a strong Germany squad. Germany beat Nigeria on the weekend, in a game that seemed to be the typical Germany flame-out of years past until some last-second heroics. Could that mean they’re finally real deal? I think that just means that for once, a bit of luck fell Germany’s way. However, this game really can go either way. Ireland haven’t had a real test since the Sudan game, but they’ve played long enough to know what they’re up against. Germany has had some close games, and they’ll be ready as well. Ireland is the better team, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be the better team every day. Ireland is the team under pressure to win here, not Germany. This should allow Germany to be more aggressive, but they’ll have to be careful, because Ireland can capitalize on any bad giveaway. Germany’s strikers like to hold the ball, but they’ll have to distribute it around and beat Ireland’s defence with quickness, not positioning. Expect Ireland’s goals to come off free kicks and headers. I really hope I’m wrong with this prediction: Ireland 4-2.

7:30 – Laos vs. El Salvador
Fairly simple gameplan for both teams. Laos needs to work the ball around, as they’re better skill-wise than El Salvador. The tic-tac-toe passes they’re so good at will be how they beat El Salvador. Hard work at both ends is how these passes happen, and how Laos can win. El Salvador will have to play tight. They aren’t as skilled as Laos, but they can beat them if they play with the right strategy. It’ll take quick counter attacks that allow them to get shots off quickly before Laos can close in, and they’ll have to isolate their strikers against Laos’ defence. The key for El Salvador is to simply get time to shoot. If Laos denies them that time, then this game is Laos. I expect Laos to be able to shut them down, but not easily. Laos 3-2.

8:30 – France vs. Canada
Neither team will be surprised with any player on either team. Strengths and weaknesses are apparent to everyone, and it’s just a matter of who can exploit them. Expect a close and hard-fought game. The thing with both teams is that their victory depends solely on possession. These two teams are completely dependent upon dominating the gameplay, more so than any other team. Once that tide turns to one of the teams, it’ll be tough to turn it around. Tie 1-1 (shoot-out winner to France).

9:30 – Sudan vs. Poland
Sudan has made the playoffs, and what a road they took. No matter the opponent, Sudan made every game exciting. It’s become clear that while they are extremely dangerous, they can be exploited. Defensively, they are making too many mistakes. Poland plays tight and works hard, and they’ll make Sudan pay for lazy defending. Sudan will make the same mistakes that cost them their game against Ireland, but they might be able to score enough to keep up. Tie 3-3 (shoot-out winner to Poland).

No matter how the games go, it's sure to be the most exciting night you've seen yet. See you there.


Anonymous said...

This is for all the polish fans and players. You get the idea. Lol

Anonymous said...

hurry up with semi predictions, your so slow, shut down this blog if you cant keep up

Anonymous said...

It's funny stuff. To Poland and all the hype... lalala hey hey hey GOOD BYE!

Anonymous said...

Yo the guy's got a job and a life too. The blog is for fun. You can easily make predictions yourself and put wagers on the games to make them more interesting.

My Predications
Laos 3 - ROI 2
Thank god these guys aren't both going to be in the final. The first time in 4 years(i think). Laos is the same team as years past and i think ROI has lost a little. Should be a really close game anda shoot-out wouldn't be bad to see

Canada 5 - Sudan 2
Canada has Jarvis and Tavis in the middle. Both can shoot from anywhere and Canada should control the middle. Sudan will score as Canada's goalie isn't anything special and Sudan had some nice shots last night. Canada should be able to handle Sudan in the air, but than again i thought Poland would be able to handle Sudan better last night

Anonymous said...

I truly feel sorry for those who can't tell the difference between loyalty to your team and heritage, and hype. I am very involved with the Polish team and community. I never heard any hype other than that coming from this blog, and it didn't come from the Polish. From our side, I heard a lot of respect voiced for opponents, and unshakeable faith in our team - win or lose. We aren't fairweather fans. A good number of our fans were born in Poland and apparently you don't understand the European culture when it comes to futbol (or other sports for that matter). We'll be back next year for both the mens and the womens teams and we'll celebrate together in victory, or we'll commiserate together in defeat - and then we'll celebrate anyway because we had fun. That's who we are. If you don't like it -pocaluj mnie w dupe. Sto lat!!!