Friday, April 13, 2012

The Decisive Weekend

There's some very good games on the slate this weekend, and looks like the scheduling worked out perfectly.

First up on Friday,

Jamaica vs. Laos - 9:30
Jamaica has exceeded expectations this tournament. They’ve come out and proved that they’re a legitimate contender. If not for the slip-up vs. Northern Ireland, Jamaica wouldn’t necessarily be in this position right now. We looked at the scenarios in which Jamaica can make it out, and though their fate isn’t really in their hands, they have to win this game to have a chance at the top 2. This will be Laos’ first legitimate test after facing a depleted Afghanistan team. Jamaica’s resiliency will be key to winning this game, and they have to be ready to fight to the very end. But can they beat Laos, who have played exactly like all the top Laos teams of years past? Tough to say. In the interest of making this group even more exciting, I hope Jamaica beat Laos. Prediction? Laos 4-3.

France vs. Greece -10:30
With Italy beating Greece, that means Greece is officially eliminated. Does that mean tonight’s matchup won’t be entertaining? Not by any stretch. Greece is playing for pride now, and there’d be no better send-off for them(South Korea doesn’t count) than beating the top team in their group. France still has work to do, if Greece beats them, they’ll play El Salvador Saturday, and that will not be an easy game. France has to bring it and show they should be considered a top team. Prediction? France 4-2.


Afghanistan vs. Canada – 8:00
This game will decide the fate of Afghanistan and Canada. The loser is effectively done, while the winner will likely move on. Sure to be a great game. Afghanistan is rolling, but they haven’t played a top team yet besides Laos (and they didn’t have their full team). Canada will be a real test to judge exactly how good Afghanistan is. Both teams have a lot to prove. Prediction? Afghanistan 3-2.

Germany vs. Nigeria – 9:00
This game decides 2nd place in Group C. Winner is in, loser is out. Clear as that. Sure to be a good one. Prediction? Germany 3-1.

France vs. El Salvador – 10:00
This game will likely decide the top team in the group. If ES can knock off France, they’ll still have to beat Norway, but if they beat France it’s likely they’ll beat Norway too. That would be an interesting twist to what people think is fairly straight-forward group. It’s a rematch of last year’s quarterfinal overtime victory for ES, and it promises to be a good one. Prediction? 1-1 tie.


Laos vs. Canada - 8:00
If everything works out the way most people expect it to, Sunday is the day that all the groups are decided. Laos and Canada are two of the top teams in this tournament regardless of how they place in the group, and you can bank on this being one of the top group stage games. Prediction? 2-1 Laos.

El Salvador vs. Norway - 9:00
Another decider. Keeping it simple again, the winner is in, loser is out. El Salvador’s key players will be free to roam in Norway’s backfield, and Norway will have to play very solid to get a win here. They haven’t been placed in a do-or-die situation for the last couple years (minus the playoffs), so this will be a great game to watch. Prediction? 3-1 El Salvador.

This will likely be the single most action packed weekend in WCP Cup history. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Ireland will get too hungover on Sunday and Scotland will beat them, and scotland would get second!

The Joker said...

It is possible to happend they are older, weak and ready to be ambushed

Anonymous said...

Just because u have friends on other teams don't make them winners, u need to think before u predict or don't predict a all coz I've not done so well in the past

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

props on the france vs greece prediction!