Saturday, April 7, 2012

Food Bracket Update

We're into the round of 16, and getting down to what are sure to be some scintillating battles. I am extremely happy to report that there were two upsets. Ajiaco over Sambuusas, and my pre-tournament pick to win it all, Khlav Kalash (which goes great with crab juice) over Kimchi. Thank you for voting.

Now, it's time for the favorites to get into this thing. Here's a quick preview.

First round of voting features Back Bacon taking on  Ajiaco. Bacon should have no trouble dealing with Ajiaco. But you know, it is made of chicken, corn and potatoes. That's a pretty solid team.

Pupusas take on Sheperd's Pie in the second part. I mentioned Ajiaco's team of chicken, corn and potatoes, but here are two ultimate teams going head to head. Sheperd's Pie substitutes chicken for beef, but the real topper for them is that it's in pie form. Having your food in the form of a pie is like having good goalkeeper. I'll compare it having Mario Boudreau on Team Norway. I'm not a huge fan of apples, but apple pie? Yes, a million times over.

Sticky Rice takes on Langos in the third part. This is tough, because when you get down to it, it's simple and delicious vs. simple and delicious DEEP FRIED. I think Sticky Rice will have a tough time with Langos. Could be an upset?

Wiener Schnitzel draws Souvlaki, and I expect a blowout here in favour of Souvlaki. Lock of the week.

Note: For the thousands of comments about lack of posting since Thursday, it's because I don't go near computers on my birthday. RELAX.


Anonymous said...

0 zero comments so far because this blog sucks. Food bracket? You're kiding me right. How about some updates there Riley? Get on top of things. I could do a better job.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, give control to Aleck the dickhead no one's ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

Hey Riley, just wanted to let you know that I think the food bracket is funny and interesting. Great idea to get some more fun back into a tournament that seems to have forgotten its roots. It's about sharing cultures, playing soccer, and having fun. Some people are much too concerned with hating on teams and winning, I'm glad to see someone who doesn't take this thing too seriously. Aleck should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

aleck whats your last name?

Anonymous said...

I think this blog needs to get some scores up from the games each night. Not very useful if you ask me ...