Saturday, April 7, 2012


Been a little busy lately, but I'll try and keep up here. In the past, I used to have to do this entire score update thing myself, but thanks to Braden's good summaries of major games, Mike's constant updates and analysis, and CBC's posting of all the scores, I can relax a bit. No need for the same things to appear on every blog. I'm extremely happy that WCP's web presence is finally so elaborate. Original goal completed. GREAT SUCCESS.

Let's take a look at the groups so far.

Group A
Ireland and Sudan battled it out for the top spot in the group on Opening Friday, and now it's just a matter of how the rest of the group plays out. You can expect Ireland and Sudan to win out, placing 1st and 2nd respectively. Third place is still up in the air, but it looks as though an improved Scotland team will be battling with Botswana. Still quite a few games to go here though. Anyone remember Sudan losing to Colombia last year and failing to make it out? Could that happen again?

Group B
Easily the most entertaining group so far. There was some debate over which group would be the Group of Death, and it's fairly clear by now that it's Group B will come down to the very last game, and likely go to point totals. Jamaica has played the most games now, with 2-0-1 record. The impressive part is last night's game vs. Canada. Jamaica dominated the game, plain and simple. They were easily the better team, and if Canada plays like that again, you won't be seeing Canada in the playoffs. The tie with Northern Ireland will likely end up haunting Jamaica. Colombia has lost their 2 games, but they are playing hard, and I don't see this tournament ending with Colombia having no wins or ties. They're going to upset a team in the group, but it's just a matter of who. Colombia is too good not to get a result against someone here. Northern Ireland has already tied Jamaica, can they do it to another group favorite? And everyone seems to have forgotten about Afghanistan already. If Aghanistan shows up at full strength, they can beat any team in the group. Laos is the only team that's lived up to expectations so far, but they've still got a long road as well.

Since Laos has played fairly solid so far and is unlikely to collapse, I'll put Laos at the top of Group B. As for second, I honestly can't even make a prediction. Jamaica has looked far better than I thought, and if they get a win vs. Afghanistan, I'll put them in second. Don't count out Canada yet though.

Group C
Poland hasn't been the dominant team I thought they would be, and if Germany had been able to step on their throat last night after going up 2-0, then Poland could have been in danger of not going through, as crazy as that sounds. Nigeria escaped utter collapse at Hungary's hands last night, and it wouldn't surprise anyone to see Nigeria lose to a lesser team, as it's happened in every tournament in years past. With Poland's victory over Germany, that puts Poland in the driver's seat. Germany vs. Nigeria should end up deciding second barring a loss to the other teams. Look for Portugal and Hungary to really make a mess of things though.

Group D
This group is starting to get interesting. France has beaten the two worst teams in the group so far, and haven't been really tested. El Salvador's loss to Italy means that they'll have to beat France or Norway just to have a shot of making it out of the group. Greece will be out, unless they can beat France. You might recall them tying France 4-4 last year, in a game they arguably deserved to win. Don't expect Italy or South Korea to upset any of the other 4 anymore, especially after Italy beat ES. Teams will take them seriously and realize the points in that game are critical. France should go through in first if they play strong and consistent, but nothing is for sure. Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

How is Poland in the drivers seat??? Why dies everyone keep talking about Poland as if they are the greatest team on the tournament??? Have you seen them play, they are nothing special. They barely beat Germany and Germany is not a string team. If and only if they make it out if the group the road is done for them. They have no chance going up against Sudan, ROI or Laos