Monday, April 2, 2012

Food Bracket Update

See Food Bracket teams here.

Time to do the other side of the bracket before we get to Round 2. Results were as expected, with the top seeds winning out. The 17th seed, Ajiaco, managed to beat out the 16th seed, Sambuusa, by one vote!

Next, we've got Naan vs. Chorba, Curry Chicken vs. Seswaa, Kimchi vs. Khlav Kalash, and Irish Stew vs. Farikal. Voting will last until Thursday this time, and then we'll get into Round 2 on Friday.

Note: To make it easier to see the schedule, I've posted a link with the other links on the right.


Anonymous said...

Khlav Kalash looks like it's sending Kimchi to Flushing Meadows.

/goes better with crab juice

Clock Cleaner said...

I always appreciate a good Simpsons reference.


Anonymous said...

vietnam is so far the worst team. them and south korea can have a battle to determine worst team in the history of soccer.

Anonymous said...

New teams are always going to find a tuff time in this tournament so hopefully next year they will improve, on the side note it's good to see people out there representing their nationalities because that's what wcp is all about