Monday, April 9, 2012

WCP Cup Youth and Women Update

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The weekend brought some interesting results, and will make the last week of the 2012 WCP Cup quite interesting. We've got one week to go. Let's take a look at all the categories.

Youth Girls
Canada and USA seem to be the class of the Youth Girls side. El Salvador and Brazil aren't far behind, and Germany and England are the weaker teams. Unfortunately, Canada already beat USA 3-2, so the battle for first has already been decided.

Youth Boys
Results are all over the place here, but Pakistan looks to be the top team. Canada isn't bad either, but they were trounced 5-2 by Pakistan. Scotland tied Pakistan, but were then trounced by Canada! I just don't know what to believe anymore.

U18 Boys
You'll notice some of the boys playing in the Men's Side as well, which is allowed. You'll be sure to see these players out there on most Men's teams in the future, so it's not bad to go out and recruit them if you can. Scotland is tops in this side, followed by Germany, Canada and Ukraine. There's only one game left on this side, featuring Scotland vs. Ukraine, so this is the last chance you'll get to see the U-18's before Scotland takes on Germany in the final.

The Women's side features two groups. Ukraine has been rolling through the group, and even though they still have 2 games left, look to be a lock to go through. Netherlands is officially out barring a complete collapse by Ukraine. April 12, at 7:30, Ukraine takes on Poland to decide who will finish 1st or 2nd. Very important considering the other group.

Germany and England are tops in the other group, and they've been showing their muscle by blowing every other team out of the water so far. Chile still has a shot to go through, but they'll have to beat a very strong England side. You can expect the final game, April 14 at 5:00 between Germany and England, to not only decide the group, but to be the best women's game of the group stage.


Anonymous said...

What a waste why even have u 18's they're just takin up floor time

Anonymous said...

U 18's rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... I hope they make a U16 next year ...

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the U18 division. It's unfortunate that it's slim pickings for that age group, but it is what it is. At least it gives the kids a chance rather than moving a 15 year old that weighs 90 lbs right into the men's division to get destroyed....they'd drop out and be gone. A U18 division will help keep these kids in the game.