Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Week! (After Today)

The countdown is on!

Exhibition games are still happening, new players are emerging, some players are going down with injury, but it all adds to the excitement of the WCP Cup. April 15th! Get ready!


Cheezy said...

Let's hope that the opening ceremonies are short and sweet. I want to get right to the show. No two hour special with politicians blabbing on about how great they are that they showed up. No one cares and you aren't picking up any votes. We come to watch and play soccer. That's it! Kevin, 40 min tops... please! On with the game!!! Oley!!!

Clock Cleaner said...

That reminds me, opening ceremonies are this Wednesday, somewhere around 6. All the team managers should be keeping their teams up to date with this information. The actual time isn't set, but it is around 6.