Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 3 Recap

Men- Jamaica vs. Northern Ireland- 3-1 Jamaica. Not the greatest show, but a decent game. Jamaica always looked like they'd win it. Northern Ireland didn't have much of an offense and seemed to be content with defending their own net, which inevitably got scored on.

Youth- Scotland vs. Ukraine- 10-2 Scotland. Scotland obviously dominated.

Men- Norway vs. Germany- 3-0 Norway. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the score 2-0? I could have sworn Norway only got 2. In any case, the renewed German team just couldn't handle a tough Norway squad. Right in the opening minutes, it was apparent the game would take its toll on both teams. There were many hard hits and fouls. It was a rough game, to say the least. Norway was the only team with an offense for the first half, when they got their goals. The second half, the German team finally came together and started really pressing hard. Alas, they couldn't buy a goal. Definitely a good game to watch though.

Men- El Salvador vs. Austria- 5-3 El Salvador. El Salvador came out looking very strong and really had their fans into the game. Sure enough, a couple minutes in they scored, proceeding to score a couple to go into the half with a comfortable lead. Austria got their act together in the second half, getting out of their funk by winning the second half. El Salvador, while a great offensive team, looked to be quite lacking at various points in the game. Both teams will need to step up their play in this group.

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