Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 5 Recap

For the most part, these will be quick recaps.

Men- Poland vs. Germany- 5-1 Germany. Germany walked all over a seemingly weak Polish team. Germany is starting to get rolling after a tough opening loss to Norway, and the decisive game for them comes on Friday against Scotland.

Men- vs. Serbia- 5-1 Colombia. Colombia was on the other of a blowout this time. They'll need to take advantage of these opportunities when they come, because the rest of their group won't be so forgiving.

Women- Germany vs. England- 4-1 Germany. England lost to a German team that is destroying the rest of its group.

Men- Scotland vs. Norway- 2-1 Scotland. Scotland eked out a win vs. Norway, and Norway is now fighting for its lives after a strong opening game.

Women- Scotland vs. Austria- 1-0 Scotland

Youth- Canada vs. Scotland- 4-1 Scotland

Men- Ukraine vs. France- 1-0 France. This was supposed to be one of the best games of the tournament. While it was a relatively unexciting game to watch, it was a display of two of the best teams in the tournament. Very few mistakes and very few opportunities are an indication that these are two very similar teams. The best soccer won't always be the most exciting to watch. That being said, neither team played particularly well, but there's no doubt these are two of the top teams.

Men- Ireland vs. Greece- 4-2 Ireland. Greece was winning and playing good well into the second half, when Ireland finally got their act together. Ireland is definitely not playing their best soccer, and it won't be easy for them to get first in the group.

Men- Nigeria vs. Chile- 5-1 Chile
Men- Botswana vs. Saudi Arabia- 4-0 Saudi Arabia


DaShoeLace said...

just so you know the Germany vs Poland game was actually 5-1.

Clock Cleaner said...

Ah yes. They beat Italy 8-2. My mistake.

Schweinsteiger said...

Group C is going to be a brawl to the finish.