Friday, March 27, 2009

Schedule Preview Day 5- Day 8

April 19- Day 5

Men- Poland vs. Germany 12:30
Men- Colombia vs. Serbia 1:30
Women- Germany vs. England 2:30
Men- Scotland vs. Norway 3:30
Women- Scotland vs. Austria 4:30
Youth- Canada vs. Scotland 5:30
Youth- The World vs. Canada 6:30
Men- Ukraine vs. France 7:30
Men- Greece vs. Ireland 8:30
Men- Nigeria vs. Chile 9:30
Men- Botswana vs. Saudi Arabia 10:30

On a Sunday filled with soccer, this day is an interesting one. Poland could upset Germany in the early game, because we'll have Germany coming off 2 straight days of soccer and playing early, so this could be a surprise game. The rest of the afternoon isn't particularly exciting, except for Norway and Scotland at 3:30. BUT, at 7:30, we find what looks to be one of the best games of the tournament, with Ukraine taking on France. This is a must-see game, and has a very real possibility of being the best game in the group stage. This game is followed by Greece and Ireland, another game which should be entertaining. The night ends off fairly slow. This day, overall, is fairly unexciting, but the 2 after-supper games will be great. Grade: B

April 20- Day 6

Youth- The World vs. Ukraine 7:00
Women-Austria vs. Ukraine 7:30
Men- Italy vs. Portugal 8:00
Men- Jamaica vs. Greece 10:00

This is a scheduling mistake. The women are slated to play at 7:30, but there is a Youth game schedule at 7. Since there is no game at 9:00, I expect the women's game is supposed to be at 9:00. Hopefully they fix this mistake ASAP so people can change their plans if they have to. In any case, this will be a Monday without many consequences. Grade: C+

April 21- Day 7

Men- Austria vs. Colombia 7:00
Youth- Scotland vs. Germany 8:00
Men- Poland vs. Scotland 9:00
Men- El Salvador vs. France 10:00

This day starts off very soft and ends with a bang. The main event of today will be El Salvador vs. France game. This game is definitely one the main attractions of the tournament. The two newcomers will face off in what will surely determine who will come out of the group, and the teams are 2 of the best. The second must-see game of the tournament. Grade: A-

April 22- Day 8

Men- Portugal vs. Norway 7:00
Youth- Ukraine vs. Canada 8:00
Men- Northern Ireland vs. Greece 9:00
Men- Saudi Arabia vs. Laos 10:00

Great games all across the board on Day 8. Portugal takes on Norway in Group C to start us off at 7:00, and it continues on at 9:00 with Northern Ireland taking on Greece. At 10:00, we have the match between Laos and Saudi Arabia, arguably the 2 best teams in their group. Saudi Arabia can prove they belong as a top team with a strong performance against Laos. Grade: A


Clock Cleaner said...

The rest of the schedule preview will be done at a later date.

Feel free to make a webpage for your team, so I can add it to the list of sites and so people can learn about your team.

book said...

Regarding the laos vs Nigeria game, I'm going to say Nigeria will win. It'll be an easy match as pancho poses no threat. Winners of the group will be Nigeria and Laos.

April 16th at 10pm. Dont miss out. Clash of the titans!

Not_Anonymous said...

How can you say Pancho poses no threat? When he took over that team they went from one of the worst teams in the tournament to one of the best.

Pancho deserves a lot of credit because they didn't just stack their team full of all-stars like France or ROI. They do have some stars, but if you watch them play they play very good together as a team. They play well even when pressured and they keep control of the ball.

You obviously are either on Nigeria or you have something against Laos or Pancho. But either way they have proven that they are a tough team in this tournament. What has Nigeria done lately?

I hope Nigeria will be good this year and will make that an interesting division, but to say that Laos is going to be easy because Pancho is no threat is just crazy.

Al Ligator said...

hey, you're back. cool. one of the original 4 people to register at the blog.

The Real Deal said...

Pancho sucks ass! Nothing more to say, next subject please.

Barcahater said...

It's so funny that people in Regina love Pancho and think he's some sort of soccer god. When he took over Laos they were going to be good anyways. They didn't pick up a bunch of star players, look at their roster. You are mistaken if you think they are all nobodies. As for Pancho he has always found a way to be involved with teams that are going to be successful so that he looks like he has made them good, the players on Laos would have figured out how to play the way they do, with speed and high pressure. You think Pancho made them fast? Give me a break, Pancho is not the reason they are good, the players are the reason. Anyone could coach Laos and they would still be great.