Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 9 Recap

Men- Poland vs. Italy- 3-0 Poland. Continuing to make the mess that is Group C an even bigger mess, Poland dominated Italy. Poland, after two straight strong games, needs only a win against fast-falling Norway this weekend to have a shot at the playoffs. It won't be easy, as they'll need some ties and key losses, but with this group, anything is possible.

Youth-Canada vs. Germany- 0-0 tie. First scoreless game of the tournament, possibly in it's history.

Women- Ukraine vs. Scotland- 2-1 Ukraine. Women's Group B looks to be coming down to Ukraine vs. Chile.

Men- Saudi Arabia vs. Chile- 5-2 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia had a strong showing against Laos on Day 8, and followed it up with a resounding defeat of Chile. This Group has been the easiest to predict, with Laos on top and Saudi Arabia at second. Chile has taken a real fall this year after losing their players to El Salvador. Laos awaits the winner of Saturday's El Salvador/Ukraine game to see who they'll likely play in the Quarterfinal.

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