Thursday, April 30, 2009

On to the Final

Ireland vs. Saudi Arabia- 6-2 Ireland. ROI has really stepped up their game after that loss to Northern Ireland. Since that point, they've absolutely dominated every game, and definitely look like the old ROI. Saudi Arabia played good, missing some great opportunities when they were down by a goal. Had they converted those, the game could have ended differently. But if you don't get all your chances in on Ireland, they'll make you pay, and they did that tonight.

El Salvador vs. Portugal- 3-2 El Salvador. This game was a lot closer than most anticipated, and Portugal has definitely been a treat to watch in this tournament. After being tied 2-2 for quite a while, El Salvador scored the winner fairly early in the second half. This was a game filled with shots, and they came from everywhere.


So on we go to the final, featuring ROI and El Salvador. The last time these teams met was in the semi-final of the second WCP Cup, when ROI won in a shootout to go to the final. Ireland is playing fantastic right now, and should be favoured to win their 3rd WCP Cup. El Salvador is no slouch, and can definitely keep up with Ireland. The final is always a good game, and this year should be no exception. See you there.

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Peter said...

So who won the final already? how was the game?