Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 10 Recap

Men- Scotland vs. Germany- tie 2-2. In a wonderful back and forth game, Scotland and Germany made sure whoever is going through in this group will be a secret until the end of this weekend. Throughout the entire game, momentum swung back and forth. Scotland would score, and Germany would answer right back. A great game to watch, and it's a shame it happened to be the earlier game because a lot of people missed it. Germany is playing very well right now after a poor start. Scotland has played consistently good, and they are definitely a solid team, but can't seem to cement their place as the group's top team. Portugal hasn't played the two other top teams in the group yet, so we'll find out exactly how good they are this weekend. Norway is by no means out of it, and two wins this weekend will place them right up at the top, in contention. Poland can't be counted out either, because if other teams tie(which is a definite possibility), Poland can squeak through. They'll need help, but anything is possible in this group.

Women- France vs. Scotland- 2-1 France. This game was more for pride than anything. France won't be able to finish higher than 3rd, as Ukraine and Chile are assured to go through. Chile and Ukraine need only to battle it out for the right to first.

Men- Ukraine vs. Colombia- Ukraine 9-1. Ukraine pounded Colombia. There was never any question that Ukraine would win this one, scoring twice very early. They dominated We'll find out if Ukraine can make it through their group today when they take on El Salvador. The winner is through, the loser is out. Doesn't get much better than that.

Men- Serbia vs. Austria- 2-1 Serbia. Serbia's Winnipeg players finally made it in, but it looks to be too late to save their chances of going through. If they had been able to beat Colombia in their last game, this weekend would be a different story, where they would have a way better chance of making it through. It was definitely clear that Serbia was a different team last night, and they can still get some glory against France and El Salvador this weekend. A win or two against those teams would garner lots of respect for their team. Austria has played very well this tournament, providing lots of excitement for the fans with their close games and solid play. The standings don't reflect just how good they are.

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Not_Anonymous said...

For anyone who hasn't taken the time to check it out, group A just got very interesting. A Canada win and a ROI vs Jamaica tie would leave a 4-way tie for first place. So far, Jamaica and Northern Ireland are sitting in the best place I think.

ROI has to beat Jamaica to move on (since their goal differential would be too low to move them on).

Canada has to beat Greece by more than 3 goals if they want to move on.

Jamaica just needs a win or a tie, although a tie puts Northern Ireland in first, unless it is a very high scoring tie.

It gets a little confusing, but the last two games in this pool are huge and any two of those four teams could move on.

Lets go Northern Ireland!