Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 2 Recap

France vs. Colombia- 8-1 France. France made their debut in stunning fashion, hammering Colombia 8-1. While the score seems extremely lopsided, the game wasn't completely out of hand until well into the second half. Going up 2-0 in the first 10 minutes with some very goals, France looked good early. Colombia was playing fairly good too, getting a couple chances, getting a goal back to make it 2-1. It looked like it would be a close game until France scored their 3rd goal, which essentially opened up the floodgates. You could tell from that point that Colombia had lost their confidence.

Chile vs. France- 1-0 Chile. The France team on the women's side made their debut as well, but it didn't turn out the way they hoped. Chile welcomed them to the tournament by beating them 1-0. Chile dominated and definitely deserved the win.

Scotland vs. Italy- 4-1 Scotland. Scotland also looked good in their opener, and they'll definitely be looking to make it into the medal round again. Much like the France game, the weaker team showed some confidence and skill in the first half, but fell apart in the second. There was no question Scotland was the better team though.

Laos vs. Nigeria- 4-0 Laos. Laos proved they are still one of the top teams with a win over feisty Nigeria. Nigeria was out to prove something after their dismal showing last year, and they definitely looked better. Nigeria played well throughout the entire game and looked to have regained the confidence they lost. They definitely had their chances to score. However, the good effort was no match for a very strong Laos team, which put in a good effort as well. They were flying around the field, and they will be very tough to knock off.


Not_Anonymous said...

For the record, France women were in the tournament last year and they did fairly well if I remember correctly. The link on the site doesn't seem to be working, but I am pretty sure France Women's made it to the Semi-Finals.

So far for the men's side, there hasn't been anything too exciting, as all the games have been pretty one-sided. Even though Canada and ROI was only 1-0, ROI scored early and controlled most of the game and it wasn't very exciting.

Having said that, I am excited for tonight as NI/Jamaica and Norway/Germany should both be good games that will likely mean a lot in their respective groups, and I am excited to see El Salvador's return to the tournament.

Cheezy said...

The women’s game was horrible. Neither team deserves any props for their showing. The only goal came from a keeper error off of a corner kick. I really hope that the women pick it up, last year there were some alright women’s games. But if last night was any indicator of how the games are going to be, well I know I'll be in the bar rather than in the stands.

better than you said...

cheezy, i could not have written that statement any better myself.