Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 8 Recap

YG World vs. YG Germany- 4-0 World.

YB Italy vs. Ukraine- 5-3 Italy. Italy is the top contender to knock Scotland off. Their matchup against each other on Friday will be a preview of the final.

England vs. Poland- Poland 7-1. Poland is all set to take the group, and look to go through undefeated.

Nigeria vs. Northern Ireland- Tied 2-2. In what could be considered another upset, Northern Ireland tied Nigeria. After Nigeria's strong effort against Poland, they seemed to have a letdown against Northern Ireland. If they want to be considered as an actual good team, they have to step their play. Any more slip ups and Portugal will pounce on their playoff spot. Northern Ireland has a habit of playing the top teams very well, like when they beat Ireland last year. They play Portugal and Poland next, and could deal the death blow to Portugal if they take points if that game.

France vs. Greece- France- 5-1. France looked strong from the opening kickoff and never let up. Greece was outmatched. France has slowly looked better with each game, and this group will peak on Saturday night when France takes on Laos for the top spot in the group. In a similar situation as Afghanistan in Group B, Greece has taken on 3 of the top teams in the tournament. They'll get their chance to prove something against a tough Austria team.

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