Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 2 Recap

NOTE: If someone on your team would like to take some initiative and make a website or blog for your team, I'll gladly link to it. It allows everyone to familiarize themselves with your team, and likely will increase your fan support. It's easy, fast, and great way to get some publicity. The latest team to do so is the Men's Norway team. Click here for the link, and its also on the sidebar.

To the games...

YB Germany vs. YB Ukraine- Tied 3-3. In an exciting, fairly high-scoring game, both youth boys teams showed some good skill. Scotland won't have it so easy winning this thing.

Italy vs. Austria- Austria 3-1. Italy was definitely the weaker team. With decent fan support, its a shame that Italy couldn't have put on a better show. Austria wasn't much better, but last night's match was a clear indication that neither team is much of a contender. Sloppy passes, poor shooting, and bad touches made for an excruciatingly bad game. Austria can definitely perform better, but not sure about Italy.

W Chile vs. W Canada- Chile 6-0. Another bad game to watch. Chile dominated Canada in every aspect. Chile will have to wait for a real test.

Northern Ireland vs. England- Northern Ireland 3-2. England took the early lead, and possession drifted back and forth. No team looked to take control until Northern Ireland scored two quick goals near the end of the game to take the lead. The final pushes by England were useless. Both teams will have to raise their level of play if they wish to make it out of their group. They lucked into a fairly easy group, so both teams have a chance. More so Northern Ireland, although they don't look to be as good as they were last year.

El Salvador vs. Scotland- El Salvador 5-1. El Salvador showed the skill that got them to the final last year, and they certainly look to be on their way to doing it again. Scotland is not the same team they were last year, and it showed. They had no real offensive presence, and could only attempt to hold off El Salvador.

That's it for now. See you tonight!


Anonymous said...

ES didnt look that of a threat if they were playing a better teaam, could have given then a run for their money, honestly i love that team but i cant see them going back to the final, theres no way they are doing it, but sure they will get out of their group, the game between \Eng vs NI wasnt that exciting both teams with no build ups, but they are full of running, and chasing the ball so they constantly put u on pressure, should have been a tie atleast

Kier said...

I watched the England vs. N. Ireland game last night and I think that England should have won that game. The turning point in the game for N. Ireland was when their defender just embarrassed England's striker with the "meg" and scored a beautiful top corner goal. Yes it was nice to see the defender score a goal after pulling off a move like that but what upsets me is the fact that after the England striker got burnt, he just walked away from the defender instead of trying to get the ball back. Clearly that striker is one of the best players on the squad, but a player with that attitude will always cost his team the game. I really feel bad for England, it would have been nice to see them upset N. Ireland. As for the ES vs. Scotland match, it was a pretty boring game to watch for the most part. ES played really well and moved the ball around like it was a practice session. Scotland didn't do anything at all the whole game. Instead of trying to get the ball and pressure ES, they decided to stay back and just gave the ES players all the time they wanted. With the caliber of players ES has, it would be foolish for anyone to think that they would not take advantage of every opportunity they get. It would have been nice to see Scotland apply a bit more pressure on their players. Yes they probably would not win the ball in that play but at least it would make ES work a little bit harder. I don't think there was a player from ES that was sweating at the end of that game. Good game for ES even though they didn't have some of their other top players. Scotland should definitely think about working harder in the game if they want to be productive in this tournament. DAY 3 TONIGHT !!!

Anonymous said...

I thought ES would have destroyed Scotland last night after seeing Scotland in their friendlies on the weekend. For the most part it was resonably competitive, ES just capitalized on their opportunities/Scotland's mistakes, and Scotland didn't capitalize when they had chances. Definately a lack of a real offensive power on Scotland. Should be interesting to see how the rest of the teams in this pool stack up.

Playmaker said...

Thanks for linking to the new Norway blog, its much appreciated. I'll make sure to keep it as up-to-date as possible so that it can hopefully complement this one

Anonymous said...

At times ES didn't even look to go to goal, it looked like they were toying with Scotland playing the ball down the same channels and retaining possession.
Playing ES is a double edged sword by the looks of it. If you pressure high, then the CM midfielder just drifts to the outside and creates a gap in the middle for the other players to gather the ball. If you sit back he has no problem collecting the ball as deep as possible and trying to pick out his strikers.
5-1 is a solid score, along with ES's 4/5 Posts & Crossbars; and 5 or 6 balls that were just slightly over hit; the score could have been a lot more lopsided. ES may have not started great, but they won they match and it wasn't a close game. Scotland had no chances, and the goal they scored was partly lucky.
Say what you will of ES's performance; as the games get tougher the calibre of the squad will be shown. When your missing players like Jordain, Patrick Baba, a legitament goalie, and Dion Morgan; you can only expect ES to be stronger when the whole squad competes in a match.