Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 5 Recap

Lots of games let's go.

YB Italy vs. YB Germany- Italy 3-2. Looking like if any team will challenge Scotland, it will be Italy.

W Italy vs. W Chile- Chile 3-1.

Chile vs. Canada- Canada 3-1. Chile was supposed to challenge for the second spot in this group, but that seems to be out of the question now. It will take a miracle for Chile to get back in it. Now it's between Canada and Botswana for that second spot.

Ukraine vs. Italy- 4-0 Ukraine.

YG Canada vs. YG Germany- Tied 5-5.

Serbia vs. Northern Ireland- Serbia 3-2.

Portugal vs. Poland- Poland 3-1.

W England vs. W Scotland- England 8-0.

Norway vs. Jamaica- Norway 6-3?
I don't remember. Something like that. In any case, Norway played very well against Jamaica, and beat them pretty convincingly. Norway seems to be emerging as a top team in this group, while Jamaica, after picking up some very good players, has hit a major stumbling block. They'll need to pick it up tonight against Germany. If Jamaica thought Norway had some offence, wait until they see Germany. Jamaica's defence played terrible last night, and it cost them.

El Salvador vs. Germany- El Salvador 5-3. El Salvador was pretty well matched up with Germany, and for the first half it seemed like either team could win. Both teams were breaking through and getting good chances. Germany seemed to go into a shell in the second half, and El Salvador eventually put them up 4-3. This brought Germany out and they started getting some offence again, but couldn't break through. El Salvador scored a late one to secure the victory.

Laos vs. Greece- Laos 6-1. Laos looked dominant early on, and never let up. They'll get a real test today against Ukraine.


Anonymous said...

6-2 for norway over jamaica.

Anonymous said...

boom roasted! some teams really played well yesterday. poland, norway, laos, el salvador all looked really strong. Germany was disappointing for me. Why would they play Peto in net? especially when Simon is playing out? Some of those goals were weak and I think thats why they lost. Jamaica might beat them !

Anonymous said...

Not at all impressed by the poor display of sportsmanship in the Canada/Chile game. If both teams had focused on just playing the game instead of trying to kill each other things might have been way different. Chile has potential but they get frustrated when they get outplayed.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was like 9-0 for the england women game.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh Jamaica are the ones who got BOOM ROASTED baby

Anonymous said...

that ref in the canada/chile game was absolutely horrible.

Anonymous said...

The Poland Nigeria game was intense crowd was really into it. Very exciting

Anonymous said...

i agree that game was intense but the ref killed it i thought he was one sided, we really need to get better refs for this tournament turning out to be a joke horrible refeefing