Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 1 Recap and Opening Ceremonies

The WCP Cup kicked off last night with the Opening Ceremonies. We were once again treated to a full house as everyone showed up to welcome the teams. Let's get right to the games.

Ireland vs. Colombia. 5-1 Ireland. Ireland opened up the tournament with a convincing victory over Colombia, but Colombia definitely showed they had some fight. There were periods where Colombia controlled the game, and they had a couple chances to make Ireland pay. If Colombia had shot the ball when it had the chances, instead of trying to be fancy, the score might have been a little different. However, they would have also needed to have somebody marking Ireland's midfield, who were constantly open. There was no question Ireland dominated, but Colombia showed the same spirit they've shown since they've joined the tournament, and that's a never-quit attitude. Ireland certainly looks well on their way to defending their title, and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the group plays out.

YB Scotland vs. YB Canada. 4-1 Scotland. The Scotland boys also opened up their title defence with a convincing win over Canada. They are definitely the favorites to repeat.

YG Canada vs. YG World. 5-0 World.

W Germany vs. W France. Germany 3-1. Germany will be hard-pressed to take this group after narrowly beating France. Ukraine should be a better test for them.

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Joe said...

I thought the game was entertaining for the most part. Columbia played well but the change of goalie was a mistake. Also, I thought some Columbian players were scared as well probably because of age and maturity, which is fair. I think ROI looked not bad at all. I still don't think they will win this year but it will be tough to beat them. #41 player was amazing shooter for ROI. Great game.