Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quarterfinal Matchups


The defending champions take on Ukraine. Last year, Norway beat Ukraine and ended up squeaking by Ukraine to advance to the second round, eventually winning the WCP Cup. This year, Ukraine is back for revenge, and looking to make a mark of their own. Ukraine barely made it out of their group this year, but they are certainly capable of beating a strong Norway team. Ukraine's team could be one of the most dangerous in the tournament, but they will have to beat Norway, a team that always seems to find a way to win close games. Both teams match up well, and the game should be great.

Prediction: Ukraine wins 4-3.


Ireland looks stronger than ever, but they haven't had a real test yet. England can be that test. England some very skilled players, and they will have a real chance against Ireland. Granted, England will have to play close to perfect soccer to win, but they have more of a chance than most teams. Ireland's entire should be out, which doesn't fare well for England. England will need to play very solid as a team.

Prediction: Ireland wins 5-2


Scotland played very well in the group stage with a very tough pool. They've shown they can play with the best teams in the tournament, and now it's time to prove they belong. Chile is coming off a disappointing loss to Norway, but the game hopefully showed Chile exactly what they need to do to compete against the best teams. The real battle will be between Scotland's defence and Chile's strikers. This is where the game will be won.

Prediction: Chile wins 3-2


The most intriguing game of the quarterfinals. Laos is a very quick but small team that relies on fast wingers and midfield shots. Germany relies on long balls to the strikers and a tough midfield. Germany will have their entire team together for the first time this tournament. They will have to be very physical with Laos if they want to win, and they'll have to close down their midfield to limit those shots. Germany can certainly do both those things. Laos will have to beat Germany with skill and precision passing. Laos is very skillful, but they'll need time to work their magic in order to win.

Prediction: Laos wins 4-2


Not_Anonymous said...

Great overview of the games. I agree for the most part. The only things I would say differently is that I think Ukraine and Norway will be the game of the round. Both teams have the potential to win it all and they both play up or down to their opponents. When the opponent is as god as these two, who knows how high they will elevate their game. Whoever wins, I think it will be close and fantastic to watch.

Also, I think Scotland will have the edge over Chile. True, Chile has had the experience with a big, strong team like Scotland (against Norway), but Scotland has been playing very solid soccer, completely dominating NI and outplaying Canada, and tying two strong teams in Ukraine and Jamaica. Chile on the other hand had a few lack-luster wins vs weak teams, barely scraping by Austria, and unable to do a whole lot against Norway.

Either way, I think every match-up in this round is the best it could be. I already talked about Ukraine and Norway and Scotland and Chile, Laos and Germany will be intense and we will see if speed and control beats brute force and a bit of anger (from sie Germans), and then England has a lot of fire power and several players who have played with and against the ROI stars, so maybe they can find some weaknesses that some other teams have not.

Great tournament so far and it will only get better from here on out!

Anonymous said...

Prediction was close....Ukraine wins 5-3......This means a new champion will be crowned........This is going to be a great weekend of soccer

Anonymous said...

ya sweet Chile and Norway is out now, whoooooooooooooooooooooooo good bye,

Anonymous said...

good bye germany.

Anonymous said...

Good prediction on the Laos v Germany game... I think a German ended up getting a Red card, and I think there were 2 or 3 yellow cards given to some of their other team members. Sucks that Evan got a yellow card too, though. A LOT more cards should have been given out... Can't the WCP hire ANY good refs? Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Can someone post the results of the games? I had to work last night and tonight and tomorrow, so i won't get to see any games, that really suck.

Anonymous said...

ukraine 5 - norway 3
ireland 5 - england 1
chile 1 - scotland 1 (scotland wins 3-1 on penalty kicks)
laos 4 - germany 2

by the way great predictions, almost bang on. i am suprised scotland beat chile but i guess when your in a shootout you never know what can happen.

Not_Anonymous said...

Next Predictions:

Ireland vs Scotland

Ireland takes it easily. Scotland is a good team with a strong defense, but will be no match for Ireland. Ireland won't get a decent match until the final when they play either Laos or Ukraine.
Irelane 7 - Scotland 1

Laos vs Ukraine

Laos wins in a tight game. Ukraine is much better than Germany and will make this game very intense. Their last few games they have stepped it up in the finishing department, but Laos has a solid D and one of the best keepers in the tournament.
Laos 5 - Ukraine 4

Anonymous said...

After Laos' battle with Germany, Laos is full of injuries. I agree it will be a close game, however, I predict Ukraine wins 3-2 over Laos. Ireland wins 5-2 over Scotland.
This has been an incredible tournament no matter who wins, this tournament.
Kudos to Kevin Holness and his committee.
I think Kevin should be nominated for TD of Saskatchewan. He is the only person with KNOWLEDGE, DEDICATION AND VISION to take this province to the next level.
This tournament has done wonders for the Soccer Community in Regina and Saskatchewan. I just wish RSA would learn how to develop instead of trying to make a buck.
Remember, plant a seed, groom and feed the plant and your harvest will be immense once the plant becomes a tree.

Anonymous said...

i agree kevin has made soccer exciting again. if you don't believe me come to the final tomorrow and see how many fans will be there

Anonymous said...

Props to Ukraine for beating us last night. I don't think they played their best soccer yet and they still managed to score 5. They'll have a good chance to take it I think.

-Norway player

Anonymous said...

Laos is the biggest surprise of this tournament so far, first place and undefeated?? who would thought??....they are makin' ppl start to take notice and puttin' Laos on da map....Go Laos Go.....I came from Wpg just to watch Laos and their caaaraazy fans!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah? well i came to all the way from ottawa to boo laos and their dumb fans.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Laos is the biggest surprise of this tournament so far, first place and undefeated?? who would thought??....they are makin' ppl start to take notice and puttin' Laos on da map....Go Laos Go.....I came from Wpg just to watch Laos and their caaaraazy fans!!!

May 2, 2008 4:00 PM"

Well they got 4th last year, when they weren't expected to do anything, so I think it was last year that put Laos on the map. Nonetheless, they are doing extremely well.

"Anonymous said...
yeah? well i came to all the way from ottawa to boo laos and their dumb fans.

May 2, 2008 5:21 PM"

Good for you! But f you think Laos' fans are dumb/annoying just because they want to make the atmosphere in the field exciting, you should have hear Chile. :P Watch actual pro soccer games, and what these teams do are nothing.

Anonymous said...

Laos played an excellent game last night against us. They won all the balls and capitalized on there ooportunities which is why they are in the Gold medal game. My hat goes off to them and good luck to the teams in the Gold medal game. This year has been great to see the talent and skill that is on the pitch. Good luck to all