Friday, May 2, 2008

Quarterfinal Recaps and Semifinal Preview


Ukraine vs. Norway- Ukraine wins 5-3- Ukraine played like everyone knew they could play and beat a Norway team that seemed disheartened. You could tell Ukraine wanted it more, as they hustled and won almost every single ball and shut down all of Norway's playmakers completely.

Ireland vs. England- Ireland wins 5-1- Ireland thoroughly dominated, showing exactly why they are ranked #1. England was decent, but there's no getting by Ireland unless you have a great defence, which England does not have.

Scotland vs. Chile- Scotland wins 2-2(penalties)- Sure enough, the game was a constant battle between Chile's strikers and Scotland's defence. The battle was even for the entire game. Naturally, overtime solved nothing and it went to a shoot-out. Scotland looked to take the lead when their goalie saved a shot, but then it was called back because the goalie was off his line! Mass hysteria ensued! Then, later in the shoot-out, Chile's goalie was called off the line when he saved one, and THAT one was called back. Scotland won, and they deserved to win. Pure craziness though.

Laos vs. Germany- As everyone expected, a very physical game by Germany. With Laos ahead 3-2 at half, the game really looked as though it could go either way, until the cards started coming out and Laos took control. Germany, a bigger team, was caught in a rough spot here. They are a big, rough, physical team, and that's the nature of their game, but Laos is very small and easily fouled. Germany couldn't compete with Laos' skill and that's the main point.


Ireland vs. Scotland, 8:30 - Ireland looks to continue their dominance of this tournament when they take on a newcomer to the semifinals, Scotland. Scotland largely flies under the radar in this tournament, They aren't flashy, but they play very well and seem to win. Ireland will be their toughest test yet. Scotland, much like Norway last year, could pull off an upset with Ireland maybe overlooking this game. However, I think Ireland have learned from last year, and will come out flying. I don't think Scotland's weak offense will even be able to penetrate Ireland's stellar defence.

Prediction: Ireland 3-0

Ukraine vs. Laos, 10:30- Ukraine is starting to show their offensive power and are coming together at just the right time. Laos has been playing well the entire tournament, but they'll face a Ukraine team that will counter their strengths very well. Laos will have to dominate the midfield if they want to win, relying on their shots from the midfield to score. Ukraine needs to shut down Laos' wing players, which they are certainly more than capable of doing, and they'll have a good chance to win. This will be a very entertaining game to watch.

Prediction: Ukraine 4-3

See everyone at the games!


Anonymous said...

ROI wins 2-1.
Laos wins 3-0.

After such accurate, for the most part, predictions last time, your predictions for tonight were quite off. Scotland did a lot better than expected and Laos dominted the game against Ukraine. Ukraine had posession for most of the 2nd half, but they just couldn't score, and when Laos got the ball, they capitalizd on it. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Laos vs. ROI in the FINALS!!! All the haters can hate because the scoreboard speaks for itself! Team Laos is STILL UNDEFEATED!!! ROI will be a challenge BUT in the end L-A-O will be champions!!! Come celebrate tonight at 6:30!! It's gonna be an EXCITING MATCH!!

jingo jango bingo bango said...

laos is gonna get pumped

Anonymous said...

You were right.

Anonymous said...

it was 4-3 how did they get pumped
lol gotta love team simipro ... cheats.. its all good cause i heard a rumor that brett is starting team france lol hahah bye bye roi

Anonymous said...

jesus...get off the cheating...laos cheats just as much if not more than anyone so shut up already.

Anonymous said...

Thats an old rumour as Bachelu was going to do that for this past tournament.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is welcome to 4 months ago.