Saturday, March 24, 2012

What if WCP Cup Teams were Other Pro SportsTeams? Part 2

Time for Part 2! I'm just going to do these one at a time from now on.

Greece - The A-Team
 For anyone unfamiliar with the A-Team, I'll give you a quick summary. The A-Team is a fictional group of ex-US Army Special Forces personnel who work as soldiers of fortune while on the run from the Army after being branded as war criminals for a "crime they didn't commit". Are you convinced yet? No? Well, allow me to compare...

1. Greece A-Team

2. Don't ask me about that site, I have no idea what that company does. It says Greece, and it says A-Team. What do you want from me?

3. Greece plays extremely tough, they play for each other, they never give up, and if you think you've got them beat, think again, because they'll come back on you in a second. = The A-Team often finds itself in the messiest situation, and against all odds, even though they're outnumbered and outgunned, they battle through it and come out victorious. 

4. The Greek fans come out in droves to support their country and team. They own many Regina restaurants, and if Greece is playing, those restaurants will be short-staffed or closed. One time, team France player Danny Marchinko ate far too much food at the Copper Kettle, and had to take an extended trip to the bathroom. The restaurant closed up shop while he was still in the bathroom stall! = The A-team was in a diner, eating breakfast, and the waitress asked B.A. Baracus(played by Mr. T) if he wanted any coffee. He said yes, and she replied "Well, how would you like it?" B.A.'s response was: "In a cup, fool!" Oh, that B.A. Outrageous!

5. Greece is TOUGH = The A-Team is TOUGH

There you have it. 5 absolutely legitimate reasons why Team Greece is like The A-Team.


Anonymous said...

These comparisons are hilarious Riley. I enjoy reading them. Greece is tough, yes. I just wish they would lighten up out there because some of their football/rugby players go in quiet hard. Don't need someone getting hurt.

Anonymous said...

Holy Balls! You're killin me, "ClockCleaner". I've never actually used the washrooms in the Copper Kettle. But I can see that you're throwing people like Devin and myself under the bus in regards to eating like gluttonous pigs. The story about me is fallacious. However, I'm gonna go ahead and believe that story about Devin eating a whole pizza anyway.

Daniel Marchinko

Anonymous said...

Riley Meloche is the best player on France, hands down. I want to learn how to play soccer from him because he is just that skilled.

Clock Cleaner said...

haha...uhhhhhhhhh. Whatever you say.

Anonymous said...

Riley that was a weak blog I know u can do better than that

Anonymous said...

1. Rumors are speculating that Julio who recently switched teams from ES to ROI is going to get beat by nemerous players who have more skill.

2. Julio has been chirping and telling numerous wcp cup committee members that he will win the golden boot, but what he fails to remember is that he is a nonbody and Collins is only using him to fill the void on defense. Someone has to get made an example of, so why not Julio FOOLIO.

3. Julio claims that he is the best defender in the tournament and has recently went down to CBC NEWS trying to get his name out there only to be laughed at. Julio went home crying. A source within the news station also noticed that Julio had pooped his pants on the way out because the smell coming from him was enough to evacuate the buidling. Some people are hoping Collins gets him a few dipers before he plays on Friday as he might shit himself again and the smell may chase all of the fans away. Other sources have told me that he was wearing white pants which quickly turned brown while he was on his way out of the building.

Keep it classy Regina. More news to follow.

-God of War