Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tournament Pass Pre-Sale

Head on down to Rochdale Roca House or Galger's Silk Screening to get your tournament pass. Click on the picture to enlarge and see details.


Anonymous said...

I lol'd at the price. Glad im a player!

Anonymous said...

Wcp need to put out an annual statement so we know we're all this money goes because rite now I think it's turning into a profit organization / business, the committee or organizers will soon come under fire if they are not transparent, Kevin better surround with better ppl

Anonymous said...

Not surprised.

Clock Cleaner said...

I don't think it's necessary for the WCP Cup Organizing Committee to put out an annual statement. You don't demand Wal-Mart or the Liquor store post their financial statements everytime you purchase their products. If you're demanding financial statements of anyone, it should be RSA. The costs of running the tournament keep going up, hence why prices go up. Kevin is trying to keep costs as low as he can. No one realizes how much work Kevin and company put into organizing this tournament.

To be fair, if you go pick up a tournament pass at Galger's or Roca House, you're paying the same amount as last year. That's pretty good if you ask me, considering that the tournament gets bigger every year. And it's not a huge deal. You probably need new soccer socks or accessories anyway. Pick up a tournament pass while you're there.

Anonymous said...

100% agree with Clock Cleaner. Absolutely no need for WCP to produce financial statements. They aren't registered as a charity or making claims that they don't make money off this. I've heard Kevin talk about the costs and it's ridiculous the amount that he's paying to put this on, in addition to all the hours of planning and work. If he's taking some pay for that it's well worth it in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

BTW Riley, Wal-mart does produce financial statements if you request them. All publicly traded companies do. :-D That being said, WCP isn't publicly traded or in a non-profit/charity type situation, so they don't need to produce statements and people have no right to ask for them.

Anonymous said...

I think some sort of info will help, like how much does it cost to rent the facility for the entire tournament so that people at least know why the prices go up every year, don't get me wrong Iam not complaining because I play in the tournament and I enjoy every minute of it but I have 5ppl in my house who love coming to so many games and that's like 500 in 3 weeks that's why it would be nice to see how much it actually costs to rent the facility, that's all

Anonymous said...

It's not Kevin's fault. It's this stupid RSA and EVRAZ PLACE causing the issues and making these fees ridiculous. This is why Kevin has to raise the costs. If you want someone to blame and swear at, it's the RSA and EVRAZ. There fees to run this tournament are ridiculous. It's a money thing for these fools at the RSA. They could care less about promoting soccer.

Anonymous said...

LOTS to report from the world of WCP tonight ... earth shattering news ...

1. CBC late night news has announced that a mistake was made about Julio earlier in the day while visiting the news station. Julio was not wearing a white pair on pants, but a white pair of ladies panties which he had taken from his mom. Julio was trying to surprise his male lover Kapila whos favorite color is brown. Julio indeed pooped his pants, but only to change the color for his lover.

2. A rumored strip off between Anibal and Bart has official been cancelled. Reports are saying that Julio is actually taken over for the polish playboi and will now be wearing his BROWN PANTIES when the competition takes place. Kapila has decided to buy Julio a matching bra to go with his underwear. WCP organizers are pissed off because the popular polish playboi will not be featured in the competition, just a weirdo who likes brown ladies panties.

3. Rumors continue to swirl around the Afghan camp. Soheil Summers has signed Julio to a one year deal as the Afghan maskot. The contract has stated that Julio must wear his smelly panties around and try to chase the opposing team off the pitch with his awful stench.

4. A new nike video will be airing featuring Julio in his brown panties. Julio has decided he would like to to a dance for everyone to the barbie girl song.
"Come on barbie lets go party ..."

This is your late night report ... Keep it real Regina.

-God of War

Chuck Norris said...

What prices have been increased? The price has been on the website for weeks now...lets go to math class children!

$85 in 2011($85 divided by 21)
$7 per day in 2011(21 times $7)
$85 in 2012 ($85 divided 22 days)
$7 in 2012 (22 days times $7)

$900 per team to register to play 5 games with an allowable 23 players available on your roster(Whats $900 divided by 23). $200 to play in RSA league 10-12 games..not sure the roster max?
All i know is they charge them rent for half the field for a full field price during the time when it would be empty... and RSA continues to tell us at our RSA board meetings that they have a partnership with the WCP?

Here's a big Secret: your fees to play in this tournament have always been determined well before WCP is presented with the cost for rent so they can't even set your fees to cover the costs because RSA takes so long to confirm the rental times and costs per hour. If they were to wait you would still not know your fees today.

Referees(including "Play Faker") get paid for every game more than they do in the regular RSA season.

For every new player a minimum $46 dollars...has the tournament grown?
have there been new players every year? so add more $46 fees for?

How many teams book facility time for training and exhibition games even at 10 and 11 pm at night.

WCP makes no money from alcohol or concessions.They are not even allowed to sell Almonds at Evraz!!

All the sports shops and clothing stores make a profit every year from old teams and new teams buying product in their store, i know for a fact not a single dime goes back to the tournament.

What I understand is that people like the dudes on Norway hate people that are successful and will sit around and micro analyze every detail and present it in the most negative manner.Those dudes were the same way since they have played youth.

If it were up to me I would have an invite only tournament and just get rid of all the negative players/teams..who really gives a shit if they play or not Norway is turning into the Ireland we used to hate.

I have been in the RSA for several years and still shake my head everyday at the way we treat some of the people that are trying to grow soccer!! If someone is trying to make money from academies, camps or tournaments and its growing the game in a positive manner then why not support it...success breeds success money generates money!
We need to start putting a value on the soccer in order to be taken seriously!


Anonymous said...

RSA is shit. We need a new organization to take our with new management. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Opening ceremonies have been moved from 6:30 to 6:00 because CBC is going to go live during their news broadcast.