Thursday, March 1, 2012

Premature Predictions - Group A and B

Group A
It's fairly clear that Ireland and Sudan should be the teams coming out of this group. Anything other than seeing these two teams at the top will be the story of the tournament. Ireland, while losing a couple players, will still be the team to beat in the group. Sudan, although extremely exciting last year, still failed to even make playoffs. A lot of people seem to forget that. Ireland will have the know-how to matchup with them, but at the same time, Sudan will be better prepared this time around. The Ireland-Sudan game on opening night should be a showcase for some outstanding soccer. As for the rest of the group, I wouldn't be surprised to see Botswana and Serbia give one of the top two teams a good game, but maintaining that high level of play would be very difficult for them.

Predicted order of finish:

Game of the Group: Ireland vs. Sudan - Friday, March 30 at 10:30

Group B
I find this group to be the most intriguing out of all of them. The winners aren't as clear cut as it seems. The favorites are Laos and Canada, but you can anticipate some real battles here. Colombia has gotten stronger every year, they play hard and they did knock off Sudan last year. Their team will be ready for this tournament. Afghanistan is another dark horse. Pay no attention to the draw vs. Poland, as Afghanistan were playing with the likes of Mike Collins and company, but they have picked up some impact players. They still have a ways to go to be considered a contender. With Jamaica, it's always interesting to see what they can bring to the table. They have a very good offence, but a weak defence. If they can shore up that defence, Jamaica could get back to being a legitimate team. Lastly, we come to Northern Ireland. They've been the cause of some upsets in years past, and they could pull if off again. I'd recommend following each game in this group fairly closely, because it'll be very close.

Predicted order of finish:
1. Canada
2. Laos
3. Colombia
4. Afghanistan
5. Jamaica
6. Northern Ireland

Game of the Group: Laos vs. Canada - Sunday, April 15 at 8:00
Stay tuned for Groups C and D.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean game of the group for Laos vs. Canada?

Clock Cleaner said...

Fixed it. Could be the game of the tournament though...

Anonymous said...

Am I wrong in thinking that Botswana has only ever won one game in this tournament? And that was over an even weaker Italy? Have they picked up enough decent players to put them in 3rd in this pool? Serbia and Scotland appear to have gone younger this year from friendlies I've seen, although of this group aside from ROI and Sudan it's really picking the shiniest turd of the group.

I can't see N. Ireland upsetting anyone this year. They barely mustered up a tie against Scotland a month ago and Scotland had 1 sub. They had to score 3 goals in the 2nd after Scotland was out of gas to come up with a tie.

I think the Afghan's might be more of a Dark horse than you'd think. They crushed a lot of teams in Div. 3. Not a top Contender, but could push out of this group. While Columbia shows greatness at times, they are mostly Uno Mas players from Div. 4...nothing spectacular.

Anonymous said...

What WCP CUP team are you playing on this year Riley? France again? How's it looking. I haven't seen you guys out yep for any friendly games?

Anonymous said...

Group B will be toight! Laos is the fav but that second spot could be open to 3 other teams! poor NI gonna get stomped

Anonymous said...

maybe even 4 teams.

Anonymous said...

I am back and ready to trash talk. I can't wait to annoy and tell all of you how much you suck. I am clearly amazing if people want me to come on here and talk my stuff.

Till next time,

Anonymous said...

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Thanks in advance,


Anonymous said...

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Clock Cleaner said...

Got it up on the Links section, it's a good starting point there, Team Afghanistan!

It's really tough to pick the bottom portion of each never really know. With regards to that Botswana comment, I seem to remember them being in contention for a playoff spot a couple years ago, but might be mistaken. The guys on their team play very, very hard, so I give them some credit for that. Hustle means the world on such a congested field.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Botswana comment as well. They were in contention. They beat Chile in their opener 3-0. Not sure who the guy is talking the nonsense about. They also tied Canada that year. Some people have no idea or knowledge. Part time fans. Pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

I heard Afghan is buying up players. Soheil Summers is going around paying guys money to play. What is this tournament turning into. It's quite dissapointing. Afghan better hope they don't suck out there with all this hype and rumors.

nipseyhussle said...

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