Thursday, March 10, 2011

WCP Cup Bracket

Anybody want to win $40?

In conjunction with March Madness, the Blog has decided to put up some prize money donated by 2 generous organizers. To win the money, all you have to do is fill out the attached form.

Click the picture and zoom for full size.

Entry is FREE into the bracket.

To complete: Fill in each group with the finishing order. Ex. Laos- 1, El Salvador 2, and so on, up to 6.
Write the team names in to the spots in the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, and Final. Ex. A1- Laos.
Beside each Quarter Final is a number from 1 to 4. Those numbers correspond with the Semi Final game.
Write the winner of each Quarter Final in each numbered box.
Whoever wins Game #1 goes in the Semi Final Box labeled 1. Ex. 1 Laos
Then write what you think will be the score in the final. Ex. 3-2.

Entry is FREE. Total Prize: $40. All entries MUST be in before April 2,
and I’ll post all the brackets on the website so you know where you stand.
E-mail with your entry.
A couple ways to fill it out:
1. Print off the picture, fill it out, scan it, and e-mail it.
2. Go to a picture editor (Microsoft Paint), fill it out using the pencil tool, save it, and e-mail it.
3. Simply write me an e-mail or post a comment that contains all the relevant information contained in the form.

Point System: Groups: 1st place- 10 points, 2nd place- 8 points, 3rd place- 6 points, 4th place- 3 points, 5th place- 2 points, 6th place- 1 point

Each Quarter Final: 15 points

Each Semi Final: 20 points

Consolation Final: 25 points

Final: 30 points

Here's the pdf file as well. This is the easiest method to send it in. Download the file, go to the Tools tab. Click on "Typewriter" and then simply click and write anywhere on the document you want. When you save it, save it as a JPEG, and e-mail it in.


I look forward to seeing your entries.


Anonymous said...

sweet! pencil me in. norway-poland. poland wins!

Anonymous said...

I dont trust you!!!!! I will be reporting you to the police

Anonymous said...

first of all who are u just so that i know whom am sending ma email too

Clock Cleaner said...

Don't trust me, I don't care. You're the one missing out on free money.

I've been here for 5 years. What would I even do with your e-mail?

Julio said...

Clock Cleaner; I'll just post my bracket on here. Maybe people will agree or disagree but here goes nothing.

(Ranked from First to Last per group)

Group A
Northern Ireland
Note: ES/Laos game on 16th will determine 1st place.

Group B
Rep. Of Ireland
Sierra Leone
Note: Norway makes it out of this group. Wish they wouldn't but not much competition to withhold their tickets being stamped to the next round.

Group C
Note: Nigera is the Dark Horse of contenders to have a shot at making it deep. Easy group for Nigeria to find form. The much hyped self professed Greece team will get a win in this year.

Group D
Note: Canada squeezes by Jamaica. Jamaica finally makes it to knock out soccer. Germany doesn't qualify. Poland stumbles in should have won matches.

ES vs Nigeria
Winner: ES
-Highly contested game. ES win 4-2

ROI vs Jamaica
Winner: ROI
- Jamaica plays defensively and withhold ROI for the first half. ROI 3-1.

France vs Laos
Winner: Laos
- Game goes the distant into PK's. 2-2 (3-2 Laos)

Canada vs Norway
Winner: Canada
- Norway put up a fight, yet Canada get a few bounces to go their way. 2-1 Canada.

Semi Finals
ES Vs Canada
Winner: ES
- ES keep to good times rolling. Canada take an early lead; yet ES manages to score a few before the half. 3-2 ES.

Laos vs ROI
Winner: ROI
- Laos is out matched by ROI physicality. ROI scores 2 goals early and has Laos chasing the whole game. ROI 2-1.

Winner: ES

Note: ROI no longer have Shae O'Hare who scored a lethal full field world cup final goal in 2009 to defeat ES in OT, that could be the difference maker! As for ES being weaker this year... we'll see how ES managed to re-stock their losses. 3-2 OT ES.

Chris said...

Good Lord is it hard to rank the top 4 in Group D!

Anonymous said...

i think julio has group D right but as for his bias predecictions after group stages you cant take any of it seriously,

Anonymous said...

are there any exhibition games this week or during the week? anyone no? pls post them up

Anonymous said...

Nigeria vs. Norway @ 2pm tomorrow

Julio said...

Obviously I have to believe that ES will go all the way, as why would I want to participate in the tournament if I don't have a belief that I can win it all?

You may not agree with the ES selections but I stand by my team, and I am pretty sure that anyone else that feels they have a competitive squad would do the same.

I really think Nigeria will be a dark horse that could turn some heads. Jamaica has the potential to see knock out soccer as Poland will falter and the German physicality won't be enough to get past Canada or Jamaica putting them in third.
Norway has an easy pool and should pass with ROI who right now I view as biggest threat to win a competition.

Yet I never said I was correct, I put that out there and we'll see what happens... maybe I am not even close at all...

Anonymous said...

Hey Cleaner, what's your name? I'm not sending shit to someone I don't even know. Sounds like a big scam. Dude, you need to actually tell people where to send this stuff and stop being anonymous. It's not good to tell people they will be winning money on some bracket where they have no idea who you are and how credible you are.

Clock Cleaner said...

If you don't trust me, don't submit a bracket. It's pretty simple. How is it a scam? You pay nothing.

To everyone who has sent their brackets in already, thank you. I'll be taking submissions up until April 2nd. Then the list will be posted.