Thursday, March 17, 2011

Opening Ceremonies Announcement

MOBADASS frontman Earl Pereira (co-founder of Wide Mouth Mason) will be singing the National Anthem at the Opening Ceremonies this year.

"As a double-platinum artist and 3-time JUNO nominee, MOBADASS frontman Earl Pereira (co-founder of Wide Mouth Mason) has established himself as one of the most entertaining performers in the country. Pereira has shared the stage with The Rolling Stones, Nelly Furtado, Alanis Morissette, AC/DC and more. With demand for MOBADASS continuing to grow, Pereira made the decision to leave Wide Mouth Mason in 2010 to focus solely on his increasingly popular project. MOBADASS Performed over 150 shows in 2009/2010 including the 2010 Winter Olympics, 2010 Grey Cup, and National television performances on TSN, CTV, SHAW, GLOBAL, and CBC. In 2011, MOBADASS will release their second studio recording, Starcity Shakedown, the follow up to their acclaimed debut release, Island Rock. For more details visit"

Just one more reason to get excited about the WCP Cup. Bring it on already!


Anonymous said...

Sweet, totally looking forward to this whole wcp cup tournament again this year. Should be great. Gets better every year.

Anonymous said...

Nice addition to an already stellar event!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Ireland even has a goalie. What's the update on that? Who's in net for them this year. Any good players that we saw last year returning other than Collins? I heard they didn't even know if they had a team this year. I wonder if they will perform. Most of the Irish heritage last year where the guys drinking in the stands.

March 6, 2011 9:23 PM

Clock Cleaner said...

To the guy who left 18 of essentially the exact same comments:

The comments are subject to my approval before they are posted. If your comment isn't posted, it means I haven't checked it. It was St. Patrick's Day yesterday, and I wasn't about to sit at home and moderate comments. If your comment isn't posted right away, relax. It'll be there soon.