Wednesday, March 16, 2011


You may or may not have heard what's happening right now, so I'll fill you in.

The main WCP Cup blogs have been contacted by WCP Lawyers regarding the content of this blog. I won't go into details, but this is something that really makes me wonder about the people that come on here.

Listen, I've come on here for the past 5 years. I post predictions, recaps, and other soccer-related topics for the people to talk about. I've never insulted anyone, and my posts are always clean and respectful. I take a lot of time to maintain this blog and keep it updated. I do it because I love soccer, and I love the WCP Cup.

What do I get in return?

People are complaining about this blog behind my back. About what? I don't know. The comments are very clean. If you have a problem, my e-mail address is prominently posted. I've always responded to everyone that's ever e-mailed me. Don't go whining to the organizers. I'm here. Talk to me. I'm more than willing to comply with any reasonable requests. To those that have chosen to complain behind my back to WCP Cup Organizers, you're an embarrassment to the soccer community.

Me, and the other bloggers, we do this for FUN. Get it? I have to deal with countless insulting comments every day. What's your aim here? I don't have to do this. I get absolutely no support from the soccer community, even though I'm providing a service everyone wants. For FREE.

My e-mail was hacked last night. Someone went in, deleted every message in my inbox and outbox, and changed my password. They proceeded to send very disturbing e-mails regarding an individual in our soccer community to people I have great respect for. This made me furious, because it was an intrusion into my personal life that I do not want. As a sidenote, all the brackets that had been e-mailed in were deleted. Please re-send your brackets in. There were quite a few brackets in, and it embarrasses me that I have to ask for them again. I have yet to decide whether or not I'll cancel the entire thing, because these issues with lawyers, e-mail hacking, and insulting comments has really worn me out.

I'd appreciate some support for this blog. I've done my best to give everyone a place to talk about the WCP Cup, and it's getting thrown in my face.


Anonymous said...

I think whoever is doing this to you better man up. I support you 100% and this blog. It is all about FUN for the Love of the game...people like that just need to get a life as they are ruining it for everyone else. I will resend my bracket in to you. As for the Guy who hacked you...Please let him be in Pool A so i can take him out the proper way. Kudos to you and this Blog...Keep it up

Anonymous said...

This BLOG SUCKS. Shut it down. You and this blog are a huge embarrassment to the tournament and the community. Now your making up lies about e-mail hacking? Dude, no one would want to hack your e-mail and it's not something easy to do. I work with computers all day long. Also, I bet no one even sent in brackets. STOP WITH YOUR LIES. CLOSE IT DOWN. I've heard and seen enough brutally degrading messages on here. Pisses me off. There nothing positive about this blog. I hope you get into some kind of trouble by the Lawyers. I don't support you at all.

Anonymous said...

No matter what we do there will always be jerks & sensitive people out there. Its shitty that they have to come together on this blog and get all worked up. The people with common sense dont write the hatefull posts and are big enough to not take offense to what we read.

Keep up the good work we do appreciate it

Goose said...

I support what you are trying to do here Clock Cleaner. I understand and see why this whole debacle has become frustrating, as anonymous posters are ruining this for you AND everyone else who is trying to have a civil discussion. You are not the one slandering/degrading individuals, it is the anonymous posters who are doing a poor job of moderating themselves and using common sense. I'm not saying all anonymous posters are in the wrong, it seems to be a select few that drag your hard work through the mud.

You do extremely well (in your FREE TIME) to address issues, present topics, make predictions, and create a fun atmosphere (i.e. bracket). Your promotion of the WCP Cup is important for the event as a whole, as without it (including the Canada and Norway blogs), it does not receive proper recognition among the general public and soccer community.

Keep your chin up Clock Cleaner. Many out here appreciate your efforts and dedication to soccer. I did not write correct comments on the Norway blog about you and the WCP Cup Blog, and for that I am sorry. I did not mean to insult/offend you in any way.

Keep up the good work! I will continue to read your posts as I always have. You have my support.

Anonymous said...

Hey All---anyone looking to have an exhibition game this Sunday @3pm--please let me know at asap

Chris said...

Keep up the good work CC! I definately enjoy coming on here to keep up on the tournament news and previews. I really don't understand why some of these clowns come on here posting offensive comments. If you want to give a team a bad review or even a little harmless trash talking that's all cool with me, but why bring personal attacks on here? Especially if you don't have enough balls to post your real name to back it up?

Anyway, hope this all gets sorted out and this blog keeps running as well or better than it has in the past to keep people informed/excited about the tournament. Appreciate the work you put into this!

Anonymous said...

I also support the blog. If you can't handle getting put down once in awhile, start your own blog for your team and delete any comment that doesn't make your small dick wiggle.

Anonymous said...

How do I put this nicely ... I don't support this blog at all. It has done nothing but make people feel bad with all the hate messages and all the false accusations. The tournament is supposed to be a fun event and supposed to be promoted in a positive way and this blog does nothing but bring Kevin and his tournament down. The lawyers should look into shutting it down, because this event should have a positive outlook not a negative one because of some stupid blog which rarely has anything good on it anyways for me to read about the tournament. Talking about sluts, making comments about RSA members, and racist remarks make me sick and has nothing to do with soccer or this tournament. I understand people leave stupid messages, but really dude, you need to do a better job of managing this all. Either get people to create an account or don't have this blog up. It's not hard to manage and maintain a properly run blog. You, yourself don't even tell people who you are. Not something I'm a big fan of to be honest. Change the format or get rid of this useless blog. The only good information I get out of this blog is exhibition game times and the schedule for the tournament. The rest of the info. is CC garbage opinion on who's going to win and what not, and the rest of the people who know nothing about soccer or the teams they are actually playing. What waste of time.

Anonymous said...

CC needs to run this blog better. Make some changes dude.

FTP said...

i think this blog is great. if you dont like it and have a problem with it, then don't come here. very simple solution.

Anonymous said...

Could anyone who is opposed to this blog please clearly and civilly explain your situation as to why this blog embarrasses and ruins the tournament for you? I've seen all sorts of hate comments towards CC, but all they are is claims about things that I have not seen him(or her?) ever post.

Please explain (civilly) your main problems with examples.

Anonymous said...

My opinion of this blog, it’s great. If you can’t handle this blog, then don’t read, go find another blog that you can handle. Like someone already commented, it just takes common sense. There are going to be hater’s, lover’s, and people that don’t care about this blog, just like any other blog.
If anything to the people that think this site should be shut down, just don’t read the comment sections, if it offends you that much. I read the comments, and ya there are some nasty ones, and CC shouldn’t let them be posted, but he has a life, the blog is a hobby. I read the nasty shit, and ignore it, common sense. It’s just a bunch of kids, or immature men writing that, and just to get a kick out of there day, or piss people off. There called douche bags, so what, that’s life, we have to deal with them.
And again to the guys that don’t support the blog, stop coming on here.
And to the people complaining to Kevin, your dumb, because we all know he has nothing to do with this blog. That’s why he doesn’t promote it or have a link to it from the actual wcp cup page. No Connection.
So CC, if you can, try to cut out/delete the bad comments more often. But keep up the good work, I appreciate it. That goes to the Norway site, and Canada site as well. I enjoy the topics, predictions, schedules, ex games, and who you think is going to win.

Anonymous said...

i think cc u doing a great job same as Braden on Norway, we cant let negativity take control of what we love so what a few ppl come on here to hate on others and will be giving them power if u shut it down, we have to look at the bright side too, theres been more good stuff than bad so lets concentrate on good things and ignore those bad ones, and its always common sense, if u dont like something on here dont read it or dont come back again, but the problem is common sense is not common

Anonymous said...

My biggest pet peeve about this blog is that I've asked like 10 times now if Ireland goalie is going to be back for the tournament and no one has answered the question yet. Pisses me off that absolutely no one knows ... some blog. Another pet peeve, is that all these stupid questions that really no one cares about get answered and useless posts about how the girls division is not fun to watch etc. Get it together and answer some questions that people want answered then i'll think about making an effort to check this more. Come on.

Anonymous said...

Everyone that is complaining about this blog is a bunch of BABIES. If you can't handle the small criticism on here then DONT READ IT! Isn't that obvious?! CC is doing a great job at running this blog and all of the posts about people being whores/sluts have been taken down. He cant monitor the blog every second of the day to remove posts that are inappropriate, but when he does come on, he does go through them and delete the inappropriate ones. I'd like to see you try to run a blog without people writing hate comments. Its IMPOSSIBLE! So everyone that is compaining, grow up and just stop coming on here so those who actually enjoy this blog dont have to waste our time looking at all of your comments dissing it. JESUS!