Monday, March 23, 2009

New Things

-WCP Cup schedules are to be posted after midnight tonight(March 23). Check the WCP Cup website for the actual schedule.

-Once the schedule is out, we'll take a look at how the tournament might play out. The schedule will give us something else to talk about in the weeks leading up to the tournament.

-The poll is almost done, so we need another one. Any ideas? Post them in the comments.


The Special One said...

I think the new poll should be.. Will the WCP schedule actually be up tonight? YES, NO, MAYBE

Special One

better than you said...

I vote : NO

DaShoeLace said...

not a chance... They are never on time

Cheezy said...

I've gonna say NO

sprite23 said...

NOPE! happens every year. schedule never comes out on time

Al Ligator said...


Notice this: on the website, it says the schedule will be posted after midnight tonight. So technically they could post it in two weeks or whenever and it wouldn't be a lie. It's all after midnight!

But will they actually put it up at tonight? 0% chance.

better than you said...

we were all wrong.. somehow someway, the schedule is up.... and i'm happy i stayed up til 12:47 to see it

Cheezy said...

Holy @#$%!!!

Al Ligator said...

I'm very pleased they kept their word and put the schedule up. I gotta say, so far the organizing committee has been very good at putting this thing together. The draw was much earlier(and lots of fun) and the schedule was posted way earlier. Hopefully they get the tournament some newspaper and other media coverage(which they ignored last year). But so far, so good.

matmeister said...

An idea for the new poll...

Who is mostly likely to be the dark horse of the tournament?

Between say the bottom 7 teams that you have ranked. This could help spur some conversation on some of the less-talked-about teams rather than the same arguments over and over that inevitably come up.

Just a thought :)

Cheezy said...

The only two teams that I could see being the dark horse coming out of the bottom seven as ranked on this blog would be Canada or Greece. If either of them make it out of the pool they will have to beat the other and most likely Jemaica or Irealand to get out. That said if they can do that they have a good chance at making it into the quarters. The other teams in the bottom seven, don't have a chance, sorry to say.

mystroman said...

I have seen Greece and Canada play and they look very weak. Colombia destroyed Greece with their young players (Pako and his brother)and Chile totally outplayed Canada.
I seen Ukraine and they have been getting lucky. They played Ireland and got crushed. Their only threat is Andrew.Z and Josh.P
Nigeria's last game against Scotland was quite good. Nigeria won 2:1. Nigeria is improving and they are fast. Emmanuel is playing sick. He plays well from the back.
I heard that Jamaica is bringing in 3-4 professional players. I also heard that Josh.O and Andrew.B are going to England for tryouts and may not be here. If Jamaica gets all these players to play together they are going to be hard to beat.
I want to see Ireland and France play each other. It will be like Ireland playing Ireland with a few extra players. France has Brett and Samim and few other good players that should do very well. I also want to see Mike Collins get knocked on his ass.
My pick for the top eight teams in no particular order are:
Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, Chile and Colombia have an outside chance of getting through. I hope Saudi does not get through because they are wimps (didn't play their last leaque game for fear of getting suspended and fined).
I have not seen El Salvador play, however, I think they have Adam Rolfe who is a great play maker. If Cesar was playing then they would most likely go through.

That's all for now!!