Sunday, May 4, 2008

WCP Cup Blog Awards

The WCP Cup Blog Awards will now be chosen by 50% by myself, and 50% by the commenters. Opinions by people who have registered an actual name will carry more weight in the decision.

The awards will be for:

Most Exciting Team to Watch

Best Goal of the Tournament

Most Exciting Game of the Tournament

Most Exciting Moment of the Tournament

Most Surprising Team of the Tournament


Let's hear your choices in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Most exciting team to watch: Northern Ireland - they played hard werent the most skilled team but they did put up a good fight aganist Jamaica and Ukraine

Best Goal of the tourny: Javiers goal vs NI

Most Exciting game: the Final no doubt

Most exciting moment of the tourny: the Chile and Scotland shootout

Most Surprising team of the tourny: I guess Northern Ireland no other team really surprised me

Not_Anonymous said...

Most Exciting Team:
Ukraine - Always kept up the pressure and always had many chances that they just couldn't finish. Almost every game they played was very close and great to watch.

Best Goal:
Iida's goal in the final, even though it took a deflection off the defender to pick the top corner like that, the set up by Scotty Myrah was incredible and put Laos back into a game that was slipping away from them.

Most Exciting Game:
The Final, partially because of the fact that it was the gold medal game, but more so because it was always intense, high pressure from both sides, and many great defensive plays (Benno's diving header save). Also, to who ever was drumming that beat for nearly the whole game, thank you, that made it that much more intense and I loved it!

Most Exciting moment:
When Hans faked out Adam Rolfe hard in the opening match and the crowd went wild!

Most Surprising team:
Scotland. I thought they would be decent, but first place in a tough pool and a bronze medal was way more than I expected from them.

Anonymous said...

Most Exciting Team: Laos, they played hard, they played with skill, they had fun and they always thanked the fans. Pure class and the reason why half the teams were on the Laos band waggon by the end of the tournament

Best Goal: Any of the rockets in the Laos v. England game

Most Exciting Game: Final! Close, exciting and what the tournament is all about. The atmospher was great with such a packed house

Most Exciting Moment: Ireland 4, Laos 3, with three minutes left and a rocket top corner just barely tipped out by Ireland Goalie to save the game.

Most Exciting Team: Canada. Surprising to have them be a shell of their former selves. Like a child getting caught shoplifting, Canada, we all expected better from you!

Al Ligator said...

Most Exciting Team: Ukraine. Every game they played was extremely exciting and good to watch. They were good and were always putting lots of pressure on at the end of every game. And the way the lost or tied! Crazy stuff right there!

Best Goal: HAHA yeah maybe Javi's goal...I can't really think of any other goals that were outstanding. Somebody name some.

Most Exciting Game: You kinda have to say the final because of the consequences of the game and the skills of both teams. Maybe even the bronze game too. If you were to pick a game out of the group stage, I couldn't even pick. Italy vs. Norway, Laos vs. Greece, Germany vs. Serbia, Ukraine vs. Jamaica, etc.

Most Exciting Moment: All good ones in above comments. I say either of Tristan's 2 miraculous saves in the final, possibly when the goalies were called off the line in that Chile/Scotland shoot-out. How about when that Italy guy missed the last second shot to tie the game against Norway?

Most surprising team: You gotta go with Northern Ireland. They made that pool so very interesting. Scotland's a good one too.

Anonymous said...

Before I give my picks I of have to admit that I didn't see a lot of the games and played for Ukraine so I'm a little biased.

Most Exciting Team - has to be Ukraine. Every game was close which is huge. Late goals, physical play, some nice passing plays etc. all give Ukraine the edge here. The only possible exception was the Laos game where they outplayed us a little but it still was pretty entertaining with both teams clearing the ball off their line during the game.

Best goal - I didn't really see many of the games but Mike Schabel's goal against Scotland from behind half in the bronze medal game was pretty sweet.

Most exciting game - the Chile vs Scotland quarter final was a great game and the shootout always makes it entertaining. Those looney fans also add to the excitement.

Most exciting moment - whenever I touched the ball of course.

Most surprising team - I will say Serbia or Austria. Two teams that were brutal last year really played well and mostly kept it close to the top teams.


Anonymous said...

Most Exciting Team - Germany. They were very physical. Lot of cards. Refs were questioned on some of their calls and Fans enjoyed their games.

Best Team was Ireland. Strong in every position.

Most Surprising Team - Northern Ireland. Their games were very close and their players played with Heart.

Best Goal - Andrew Banerjee scoring the first goal against Scotland over JD. Rocket from left side, just inside half, to top right corner.

Most Exciting Game - The Final. Ireland and Laos played a fantastic game. When Ireland thought the game was over, Laos came back and almost tied it up.

Most Exciting Moment - Shootout between Scotland and Chile. JD played fantastic.

Clock Cleaner said...

The gold medal games for the Men's, Women's and Youth will all be on SaskTel Max (Channel 48) under the sports category as of Friday this week. People can watch the games 24/7 and they will be available for 1 month.