Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time to Start Up

-The 2009 WCP Cup runs from April 15 to May 2.

-No word on the date of the draw yet.

-Lots of rumors from lots of teams flying around. New teams look to include France and Saudi Arabia, and El Salvador is apparently making a comeback.

-The WCP Cup Blog e-mail is back up, so e-mail any questions or comments.

-If your team has a website, e-mail the link to and it will posted on the sidebar for everyone to visit.

-On that note, every team should have a site to visit that at least has some team information on it, like a picture and roster. It's very simple to do.

-Teams are already practicing and many players are being recruited as we speak. If your team is looking to be competitive, make an effort to get some good players (Check out teams in the top men's and women's league and figure out who is available). Lots of good players still have nowhere to play.

-Younger players are also moving up to the age where they can play in the men's tournament. Keep them in mind.


Anonymous said...

i hear brett and gordi are getting some big names in for france. iv heard the meloches, scottie, tristan. this could be the start of a new domination

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

so happy this is back...and we'll see about that france team.

Anonymous said...

they will crash just like all new teams. not enough good players will want to leave there teams so france will only have a few good players that wont be able to push them thru to the promise land

Anonymous said...

Ukraine...that is all.

Anonymous said...

I heard Mike Montenegro forced David Amaya a 15 year old player from El Salvador to play for Chile beacuse Mike lost all of his players from last year like Alvaro Campos, Jerson Hamilton, Anibal Bravo, Cesar Santamaria and many others because they all went to El Salvador. And I also heard that next year David Amaya and Flavio Bravo are heading to Botswana. Then Rotmello Ochoa will join them in the following year.

Anonymous said...

Here's a few videos

Anonymous said...

anibal good work on the song

Anonymous said...

How do you force someone to play on a team? No one cares about those players either.

P.S. quit posting links to your stupid videos.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment, all of those players are pure trash.

Anonymous said...

i know its early but lets get the blog going with some predictions or team rankings or something we can elaborate on

Clock Cleaner said...

Predictions and rankings will be done in the coming weeks.

It's near impossible to figure out what is happening with all the teams, because some are folding, some are forming, players are switching teams, etc. If you know anything about some teams send an e-mail over and we'll try to confirm it. It will speed up the predictions.

Anonymous said...

1. austria
2. portugal
3. jamaica
4. ireland
5. poland
6. laos
7. greece
8. france
9. germany
12.el salvador
14.northern ireland

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i heard el salvador is a no go

nowayjose said...

time out. No more talk about the mexican teams like chile and el salvador, no one cares.
second, was that a list of teams that are in the tournament in random order so it is easier for us to choose what our pre-tournament rankings are going to be?

Anonymous said...

haha this is great i love when everyone beaks eachother.. LAOS!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's possible that the list up there is a ranked list. Austria? Not bloody likely.

Those are a solid 20 teams though, if those are the teams that are actually competing. Where's Saudi Arabia though? They have a team in premier right now, and I'd be surprised if they weren't in the WCP Cup.

Anonymous said...

and Serbia

Anonymous said...

who do you think are big names to watch from the big teams like..

..throw out a couple suggestions for each team

Anonymous said...

so im bored in class so i figured i would name the top one or two players from each team someone abovie listed..

1. austria: Hans- all those times reffing he picked up some finesse

2. portugal: Felipe- obvious skill and passion but dives alot

3. jamaica: Holness- who else?

4. ireland: Benno- lost bachelu and whoever thinks collins should be.. wow

5. poland: Alex- young player but poland really has nothing

6. laos: Jiyu/Tony- so much star power but jiyu definatly gives them skill and having a leader like tony give it his all gives him star status

7. greece: Yianni/noor- i think hes the only player who has any sense of attack and noor is a great goalie

8. france: Bachelu- obiously the french mastermind

9. germany: Karl- hard to pick a player from this team since eveyone is dirty but karl can score goals

10.nigeria: Alan- controls the mid and really is all they got

11.scotland: Tavis- again controls midfield.. but gets down on himself easily

12.el salvador: Ronny- hard to say who else will be on this team but ronny can change the pace of the game instantly

13.colombia: Paco- small but plays hard for his country

14.northern ireland: Sweeney? haha just kidding obviously the goalie they had. dont know the name but he played awesome

15.norway: Payette/Husdals- the husdals dont shut up but it seems to get on the other teams nerves and both have skill. payette provides a power forward scoring presence

16.canada: hmmm

17.chile: jerson- only player who can score and keep the chile fans happy

18.italy: James- great vision in the midfield.. hard to say if he will be back

19.ukraine- dillon ferrige: great pace on the wing and moves the ball nicely

20.england: not in the tourney from what i heard but northey and kortho are obvious names for the under achievers

alright theres some names to discuss.. are there others? what do you guys think

Rico said...

from what i've heard, no team greece, no team england.
rumour has it Yianni and Murphy are playing for France.
Benno is playing for ukraine.
Felipe is the worst soccer player in regina.
I agree with everything you said about canada.
Laos wise, Tony is garbage, and so is their team.

Anonymous said...

so france is basically the new ireland.. kevin dont let them do this again

Anonymous said...

notes on the top teams

ireland- be interesting to see how they respond to losing Tristan, Brett and Benno. They'll still be really good. Anyone who thinks differently doesn't know anything about soccer.

france- that's stupid if yianni and murphy and other players are ditching their actual heritage country to play on the new ireland team. Losers.

es- that's cool that they're back.

laos- boo

germany- will be better this year

norway-will be worse this year

chile-will be way worse this year

scotland- still the same team, so still good. Might not be a JD though, so maybe not as good. And tavis sucks hard

ukraine-will be better this year

Anonymous said...

I think we should start off on the right note this year... I am all for trash talking. I am all for hearing opinions. Yet I can't stand people who diss and can't post with a name..... it's fine to call players trash or that Tavis sucks; but atleast post with your name..... therefore when your bitch ass gets dangled and humilated, atleast everyone will then know how much of a idiot you were for talking trash when clearly you lack any game yourself.... just an opinion.

I am hyped up for the tournament once again this year. The environment is second to none.... the drums, chanting, boos and the infamous Julio chants best be back this year around.


The Truth

Anonymous said...

seriously? The Truth?

Anonymous said...

what a loser

Anonymous said...

Well none of you f**k faces who talk about being awesome at soccer can even dribble. I imagine you all walk around pooping yourselves when you see someone good. At the opening ceremonies they should just have the trophy presentation to Ireland and get it out of the way. Meet me on the field.

Micheal Collins

Anonymous said...

I hope "The truth's" leg heals soon. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

That is a marvellous comment by Collins... I love it!
Except about handing out the trophy already.... now let's go step by step

What happened to the Truth's leg?
and hopefully your a PYT (Pretty Young Thing) if you saying Love ya to me....

The Truth

Anonymous said...

well im pretty sure we all know that collins didnt make that comment and the truth is most likely julio.. aka alvi campos

Anonymous said...

what are the 20 teams this year?

Anonymous said...

Well Cpt. Obvious... your one bright man.... I think I gave it away when I sasked to post with a name as I ranted about that last year.... but good for you.

I don't care if you guys say I suck, which is fine cause I am terrible. I just want to know who is the one talking trash when they probably suck just as much as me, or maybe even worse. I don't really know Tavis but he comes off to be a little bitch, but to be honest the kid is a nice player with dangles, and that just an example as a few others were considered to be "garbage"... so I'd love to see the guys that trash about other players post their names so when it comes down to it on the field they either back up what they say; or they get humilated even more for opening up their yappers and criticizing.

As for the Collins comments, too bad... he should have said it; it was a lovely comment either way.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for this to happen again. all i can think about right now was how intense the final was and how big its getting in saskatchewan. were going all the way this year.. GO LAOS!!

Anonymous said...


not_annonymous said...

Ok.. to go way back there.. did one guy actually call Chile and El Salvador mexican teams? Do you realize how retarded that is?

Secondly, we all know no one is going to post with a name so don't start all that complaining about people needing to grow some balls and sign their name. Accept that people are going to talk shit and just ignore the stupid things... unless it's calling South American teams Mexican.. I mean come on...

I'm glad to see ROI lose some players to another team. Even if France will be just as good, if not better than ROI was last year, at least they are represented by some guys with a little more class like Brett, Tristan and Gordie and without some of the guys who gave them a bad name, who don't really need to be named.

Anonymous said...

crazy how liverpool just sells back Keane to Spurs, what are u doing Rafa, do you even know what you are doing? what a horrible club

Anonymous said...

k lets keep this wcp cup here alright rafa.. thanks chubbs

Anonymous said...

Alright there is no need to get insults flying around like that. Yea Collins may have done some acts that cause him to not get him alot of respect; but atleast he doesn't come on here and start calling people out.... so if he is going to be a cunt on the field, then leave it on the field.
This blog shouldn't become the "Let's insult Mike Collins" blog....

Its quite irratating when every latin based nationality is referred to Mexican; that is is just unneccessary and quite embarassing....

Now to the important matters.... Who are the teams to watch and why?
Personally I loved watching Botswana last year.... they were enjoyeable


rob said...

This WCP will be much different, perhaps, way more competitive due to superstar rule change.
Player rules are:
max 5 youth players
min 12 heritage players
min 2 masters players

Which means a team can have as many superstars (Premiere, college, semi-pro) as long as the above quotas are met. Last year you could only have a max of 5 superstars (heritage players did not count).

Why would WCP organizers make this change? How will that affect WCP teams? Was this rule change made so that Ireland could finally be defeated?

Premier Player said...

The rule changes will lead to some very interesting changes. Not sure if it will have a drastic effect but my guess is there will be about 4 stacked teams, 4 teams that will be strong and able to beat anyone on any given day, 6 teams that ifthey get lucky could beat the top teams and a final 6 teams that will suck. With no Ireland this year, the field is wide open for contenders but the early favorite would have to be Laos considering how well they did last 2 years. The big question is who will be this years Mike Sweeney? Let's get the talk going about some new fantastic player that is mythological in their abilities to play the game like Sweeney was.

Anonymous said...

i love how sweeney just came and sucked so bad and then got an paper article on how he is gonna start a team in the states. huge disappointment skill wise. he got beat up in the back pretty easily from what i saw

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about? Sweeney did his job and he did it well. There was never an article that said he was going to start on a team in the states.

He's by no means a disappointment, and you'd be lucky to have him play on your team. You obviously didn't watch much last year. He's not phenomenal, but he's a good player.

I bet he could beat you in soccer any day.

Anonymous said...

haha yea for sure he could coming from another northern ireland player who sucks more then sweeney. if you actually could read there was an article about sweeney and he mentioned how he wanted to start a team in the states.

hope sweeney is back next year!!!

Anonymous said...

hmm...i don't play on northern ireland, and I don't really even know mike, but I'm not a jackass who comes on here and bashes other players who don't deserve it at all. I played against him and everything you said was untrue.

Please, elaborate on what the article said about Mike wanting to start a team in the states. I actually CAN read, believe it or not, because I read your comment and came to the conclusion you're a giant ass.

Anonymous said...

it was in the leader post i read it during the tourney last year.. both of you shut it your annoying me

Anonymous said...