Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey Everyone! Update!'s almost time to start this thing up again.

The BIG news is that the tournament is starting earlier this. But that's all we've got on that right now.

Check out the new commenting format as well, it's now slightly easier to comment on posts around here.

As teams start getting together, I'm sure we'll have more news for you.


Anonymous said...

do u have the dates

Anonymous said...

Is there a youth team italy try out?

Anonymous said...

april 3-23

The Natural said...

april 3 - 23 .
any interesting news on teams aquisitions?
I heard roi is no more because collins went to Nigeria?

Anonymous said...

ROI is still there Collins just played with Nigeria in the money tournament which happens in regina in jan, but thats it hes the guy who puts up ROI if hes not there then no ROI, so ireland fans dont worryvetri

Anonymous said...

Just tossing this out there but I would like to know what the average cost per player is to play in the tournament? I have heard rumours that some teams pay as little as $75 each and other pay up to $ this true and if so do you know which teams are the cheapest and most expensive to play on? Lastly, whats this i hear about player tranfer fees???