Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, the WCP Cup has ended. Yet again, it was a great tournament full of excitement, surprises and great finishes. Thanks for supporting the WCP Cup Blog throughout the tournament, and I hope you enjoyed the Blog. I look forward to next year when the tournament is sure to be even bigger and better. Every year is better than the next.

I'll post something every once in awhile concerning rumors on next year's tournament. Enjoy the summer!


The Real Deal said...

The 2009 final standings are on the canadian website, although I find it a little hard to rank the teams this year because some teams played 5 games during the round robin and some only four, the format still looks the same as their past rankings.

Clock Cleaner said...

Frankly, I don't like the way the WCP Cup website and the Team Canada website rank teams. They base it completely on points earned in the tournament. And this is ridiculous.

It's completely unfair to a team like Austria, who had to play Ukraine, El Salvador and France in their group. Unless the teams play everyone and each other, that ranking system is very stupid.

Obviously, it has some merit, but to base rankings completely on that isn't right. For everyone who watched the tournament, you can clearly see which teams get lucky and which teams deserved to go further. I might make my own at some point.

The Real Deal said...

Well I understand your complaint but I think you might be thinking of an overall ranking like the Coca-Cola rankings. The world cup ranks the same way, however I have spoken with the author from the Canada website and he is working on a system that ranks teams in your fashion, but it will be a overall ranking, not a tournament ranking.

The Real Deal said...

Team Canada is looking for a new coach, Hugh Dooley has stepped down.

The Real Deal said...

Canada beat Chile 5-3 Dec 30th.

The Real Deal said...

team canada forum up and running

The Special One said...

lets get this blog going ASAP!

messi said...

who do you think will be the teams to look out for?
My predictions: