Friday, February 6, 2009


-Team Previews are finished. Three separate posts have been made for three categories: Top 4, Teams on the Verge, and the Rest of the World. Scroll down to view.

-There are 22 teams in the Men's tournament this year, meaning we will be seeing 2 groups of 5 and 2 groups of 6.

-If any women's teams would like to see a preview of their tournament, I would gladly post it. I receive various information on Men's teams, but none for Women's teams. Help me out here.

-Team Rankings will be done in the coming days. Feel free to post your own in the comments.

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Clock Cleaner said...

There were 78 comments here before, and while a bunch were actually good comments, they were spaced out so far between all the idiotic comments that I just decided to clear everything.