Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Final day Matchups

Today is going to be the deciding day for many teams. Ukraine's, Canada's and Norway's playoff spots will be determined by how many goals Norway scores tonight. If Norway scores 8 goals and wins, they're through at second place. It will intense to see if Northern Ireland can hold them to under 8 or possibly beat or tie them.

Prediction: I think Northern Ireland can hold Norway to less than 8 goals, though it will be tough to do without their regular goalie. Canada ends up 1st, Ukraine at 2nd.

Scotland, Jamaica and Portugal's lives depend on how portugal does tonight against Botswana. If Portugal scores two goals and gives up none, they'll be through at second. If they don't score two goals, or tie or lose, Scotland goes through in first.

Prediction: Portugal should be able to score two goals against Botswana, but Botswana has never given up easily and should be able to get a couple of their own. If Botswana scores 2 goals, Portugal will then need to get 3 goals because they'd have to score more goals than Scotland. I still think Portugal will be able to score 3 goals and get the win. Jamaica at 1st, Portugal at 2nd.

Italy and Serbia face off in their matchup, not having to rely on any tiebreakers. The winner of this matchup goes through at second place.
Prediction: Serbia will pull out a close one and take second.

It's too bad that two entire pools are going to be decided on goals for, but i guess that's the way it goes. Should make for exciting soccer anyway.


Deadmoney said...

i thought goals aganist dont matter? isnt goals for ? then goal difference?

The guy who thinks said...

Point, Goal difference, Goals For and then head-to-head, I think.

Not even Rafa! said...


The following tie breaking procedures will be used:

(a) Result of game between teams tied.
(b) Total goals for.
(c) Total goals against.
(d) Goals for ÷ goals against.

Anonymous said...

how will goals for divided by goals against do anything?

example: if my team has 5 goals for and another team has 5 goals for, we go to goals against. if my team has 4 goals against, and the other team has 4 goals against, we divide the goals for by goals against

5 divided by 4 for both teams equals the same number. That's dumb

Anonymous said...

The first tie-breaker is head-to-head.

That said, Norway NEEDS to win and win by scoring at least 7 goals. It doesnt matter how much N.Ireland score, as long as Norway wins.

In group A. Whoever wins between Serbia and Italy go through.

Group C, Portugal NEEDS to win AND score 3 goals or else Scotland goes on.

Use math correctly said...

I agree with the follow that said that the division formula does not make sense. That means that if Team A scores 10 goals and gets scored 5, the division of 10 ÷ 5 = 2, whereas Team B scores 3 and gets scored 1, that division is 3 ÷ 1 = 3. The team that scored less goals goes through. I think teams that are offensive should be rewarded. The Goal Difference formula should be used. This is a simple formula that takes all goals scored and subtracts all goals against to give you the difference i.e. TEAM A +5 and TEAM B +2. All important leagues around the world use this method, including the English Premiership.

Here is their rules:


4. The position of Clubs in the table shall be determined by the number of points scored in that Season, the Club having scored the highest number of points being at the top of the table and the Club having scored the lowest number of points being at the bottom.

5. If any 2 or more Clubs have scored the same number of points their position in the table shall be determined on goal difference, that is to say, the difference between the total number of goals scored by and against a Club in League Matches in that Season, and the higher or highest placed Club shall be the Club with the larger or largest goal difference.

6. If any 2 or more Clubs have scored the same number of points and have the same goal difference the higher or highest placed Club shall be the Club having scored the most goals in League Matches in that Season.

7. Subject to Rule B.29, if any 2 or more Clubs have scored the same number of points, have the same goal difference and have scored the same number of goals in League Matches in that Season they shall be deemed to occupy the same position in the table.

Anonymous said...

i guess norway did score more then 8 goals, and they also made it threw to the next round, man people must be mad lol

Anonymous said...

clockcleaner, you were wrong 2 out of your 3 predictions, well done!

clock cleaner said...

yeah...didn't fare too well in the prediction department.

but as an excuse, i will point out that i really really wanted ukraine to go through, even though deep down i knew norway would score 8 or more.

and seriously, i didn't think italy was that good at all, considering they weren't even going to enter the tournament until they were basically forced to even out the pools.